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Used Floor Scrubbers


Used Industrial Floor Scrubbers for Sale

  • Fast and efficient way to clean large amounts of floor space in warehouses.
  • Allows an operator to clean a huge amount of floor space in a fraction of the time.
  • Use less water than a traditional mop and bucket, saving hours of manpower.
  • Battery powered and rechargeable.
  • Easily maneuvered around tight corners
  • ASI pays top dollar for used industrial floor scrubbers: Learn More About Our Purchasing Program
Used Triple-S Panther 20B Floor Scrubbers
Used Triple-S Panther 20B Floor Scrubbers
  • Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber
  • 20" Cleaning Path
  • Easy To Operate, Minimal Training Required
Used Tennant 7300 Industrial Floor Scrubbers
Used Tennant 7300 Industrial Floor Scrubbers
  • Cleans 3x longer per tank
  • Intuitive controls, Low maintenance
  • MaxPro 1000 Scrub Heads
  • Battery and Charger Included

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About Floor Scrubbers

American Surplus sells both ride-on and walk-behind industrial floor scrubbers. Ride on floor scrubbers allow you to clean large areas in less time. Both styles of machines come in two different cleaning styles. The first is a rotary disk that spins flat to the floor. The second type is a cylindrical scrubbing head that rolls along the floor like a rolling pin would. Both systems use an automatic system for dispensing cleaning solution. They also have auto squeegee attachments that vacuum up the solution.

Both styles are a more hygienic alternative to traditional cleaning methods such as a mop and bucket. Most industrial floor scrubbers are also narrow enough to fit through a standard door frame, so they can easily navigate through aisles of pallet racking or shelving. If you have a large area that needs to be cleaned, please call American Surplus today to speak with a sales representative about our current inventory and pricing.

As mentioned, there are many advantages to investing money into an industrial floor scrubber. Warehouse floor scrubbers have quick dry times which decrease the risk of employees and customers from falling, which could eventually lead to lawsuits or lost labor. This will not only impact your productivity, but also your bottom-line. Secondly, industrial scrubbers are more efficient in cleaning and has the strength to eliminate grease, dirt, and grime effortlessly off the floor. This will decrease the manpower and time it takes to get done with the traditional mop. Lastly, floor scrubbers are easy to operate and maneuver around corners or tight places in a facility.

So, why wait any longer? Call us today and speak with a knowledgeable member of our sales staff. They will work with you to help provide solutions to your material handling needs. Pricing may vary based on quantity desired, capacity, and condition. ASI has been selling and shipping used material handling equipment throughout the United States for over 30 years. Please call (800) 876-3736 for a free same day quote and learn more about our quantity discounts.

Advantages of Floor Scrubbers

Industrial floor scrubbers offer several advantages compared to traditional manual cleaning methods or other types of cleaning equipment. Some of the main advantages include:

  • Efficient and Time-Saving: Industrial floor scrubbers are designed to clean large areas quickly and efficiently. They can cover a significant amount of floor space in a short amount of time, reducing labor costs and saving valuable time for businesses.
  • Consistent Cleaning Results: Floor scrubbers use advanced cleaning technologies, such as rotating brushes and powerful suction, to deliver consistent and thorough cleaning results. This ensures that the floors are cleaned uniformly and free from dirt, grime, and debris.
  • Enhanced Cleaning Performance: These machines are equipped with strong scrubbing power, which allows them to tackle tough stains and ingrained dirt that may be difficult to remove with traditional cleaning methods.
  • Water and Chemical Efficiency: Industrial floor scrubbers use water and cleaning solutions more efficiently than manual cleaning methods. They can adjust the water flow and detergent application to match the specific cleaning needs, reducing water wastage and chemical consumption.
  • Increased Safety: With floor scrubbers, operators are less exposed to hazardous cleaning chemicals and contaminants, reducing potential health risks. Additionally, these machines are designed with safety features, like low-noise operation and anti-slip capabilities, enhancing workplace safety.
  • Versatility: Industrial floor scrubbers come in various sizes and configurations, suitable for cleaning different types of surfaces and environments, including warehouses, factories, retail spaces, hospitals, and more.
  • Reduced Operator Fatigue: Operating a floor scrubber is less physically demanding than traditional mopping and scrubbing. This reduces operator fatigue and contributes to better overall productivity.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Though the initial investment in an industrial floor scrubber can be significant, the long-term cost benefits can outweigh manual cleaning expenses. Lower labor costs, reduced water and chemical usage, and increased cleaning efficiency all contribute to cost-effectiveness over time.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Some modern floor scrubbers are designed with eco-friendly features, such as water recycling systems and energy-efficient motors, reducing their environmental impact.
  • Improved Floor Maintenance: Regular use of industrial floor scrubbers can extend the lifespan of floors by removing abrasive particles that might otherwise cause wear and tear.

Floor Scrubbers Applications

Industrial floor scrubbers are powerful cleaning machines used to efficiently clean large floor areas in various industrial settings. These versatile machines find numerous applications across industries due to their effectiveness, productivity, and ability to maintain a clean and safe working environment. Some common applications for industrial floor scrubbers include:

  • Warehouses and Distribution Centers: Industrial floor scrubbers are widely used in warehouses and distribution centers to clean large open floor spaces efficiently, removing dirt, debris, and spills.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Manufacturing plants often have large floor areas that can accumulate dust, grease, and other contaminants. Floor scrubbers help maintain a clean and safe environment, particularly in areas where cleanliness is critical for production processes.
  • Food Processing Plants: In food processing facilities, maintaining a high level of cleanliness and hygiene is essential. Industrial floor scrubbers are designed to handle the unique cleaning needs of these environments, including the removal of food residues, and maintaining proper sanitation standards.
  • Automotive Workshops: The automotive industry benefits from floor scrubbers to clean oil spills, grease, and other contaminants in service bays and workshop floors.
  • Retail Stores and Supermarkets: Floor scrubbers are used in retail settings with large floor areas, such as supermarkets and big-box stores, to keep the floors clean and presentable for customers.
  • Airports and Transportation Hubs: Airports, bus terminals, and train stations have extensive floor spaces that require regular cleaning to handle the foot traffic and maintain cleanliness for travelers.
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: In healthcare settings, where infection control is crucial, industrial floor scrubbers play a role in maintaining clean and sanitary floors to reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections.
  • Sports Arenas and Entertainment Venues: Large sports arenas, concert halls, and event venues benefit from floor scrubbers to quickly clean the floors after events and ensure a safe and clean environment for visitors.
  • Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities use industrial floor scrubbers to maintain clean and hygienic floors in classrooms, hallways, and other common areas.
  • Hotels and Hospitality: In hotels and resorts, floor scrubbers help maintain cleanliness in lobbies, hallways, and other high-traffic areas, ensuring a positive guest experience.
  • Parking Garages: Industrial floor scrubbers are used to clean parking garage floors, removing oil stains, dirt, and other contaminants that can accumulate in these areas.
  • Public Facilities: Government buildings, museums, libraries, and other public facilities benefit from floor scrubbers to keep their floors clean and well-maintained for visitors.

Floor Scrubbers Manufacturers

  • Nilfisk
  • Tennant
  • Kärcher
  • IPC Eagle
  • Hako
  • NSS Enterprises
  • Advance
  • Factory Cat
  • Clarke

Other Names for Floor Scrubbers

  • Floor Cleaning Machines
  • Floor Polishers
  • Floor Cleaning Equipment
  • Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers
  • Ride-On Floor Scrubbers
  • Floor Scrubbing Machines
  • Commercial Floor Cleaners
  • Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines
  • Auto Scrubbers
  • Rotary Floor Cleaners
  • Floor Washing Machines
  • Floor Sweeper-Scrubbers
  • Scrubbing Machines
  • Power Scrubbers
  • Hard Floor Cleaners

Floor Scrubbers Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to sweep my floors before I scrub?
A:Do you have light dust? Then typically no, scrubbing your floors will suffice.

Q: Should I use detergent?
A: Would you do the dishes without soap? Would you wash your hands with just water? Think about this when it comes to cleaning your floors without detergent.

Q: How long do floor scrubber batteries last?
A: For most machines, their batteries should last between two and five years.

Q: How does an industrial floor scrubber work?
A: Industrial floor scrubbers work by dispensing water and cleaning solution onto the floor, agitating it with brushes or pads to loosen dirt and grime. The scrubber then collects the dirty water using a vacuum system, leaving the floor clean and dry.

Q: What types of surfaces can industrial floor scrubbers clean?
A: Industrial floor scrubbers can clean various types of surfaces, including concrete, tile, epoxy, vinyl, rubber, and even some types of hardwood floors. They are versatile and can be used in warehouses, factories, hospitals, retail spaces, and other large areas.

Q: Are industrial floor scrubbers easy to operate?
A: Yes, industrial floor scrubbers are designed to be user-friendly. Most models have intuitive controls, and with a bit of training, operators can quickly learn how to operate them safely and effectively.