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Industrial floor scrubbers are a fast and efficient way to clean large amounts of floor space in warehouses, storage facilities, etc. They can clean a larger amount of floor space making it more efficient so that operators can be more productive. They will then have more time to focus on other tasks throughout the warehouse or facility. Industrial floor scrubbers are battery powered, rechargeable, and can maneuver around tight corners easily. Using a mop and bucket to clean any facility, large or small, can waste hours of manpower, but with an industrial floor scrubber, what used to take hours can be done in just minutes. This saves time and money and gets your floors significantly cleaner than mopping. American Surplus Inc. carries Minuteman, Tennant, Tomcat, and Advance used floor scrubbers for less than half of the price of new. All used industrial floor scrubbers are inspected and cleaned before shipment.

Used Tennant 7300 Industrial Floor Scrubbers
Used Tennant 7300 Industrial Floor Scrubbers
  • Cleans 3x longer per tank
  • Intuitive controls, Low maintenance
  • MaxPro 1000 Scrub Heads
Used Tennant 8300 Industrial Floor Sweeper-Scrubber
Used Tennant 8300 Industrial Floor Sweeper-Scrubber
  • Increase Cleaning Productivity
  • Operator Comfort is Maximized
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • 69.9% Off of Buying New

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About Industrial Floor Scrubbers

American Surplus sells both ride-on and walk-behind industrial floor scrubbers. Ride on floor scrubbers allow you to clean large areas in less time. Both styles of machines come in two different cleaning styles. The first is a rotary disk that spins flat to the floor. The second type is a cylindrical scrubbing head that rolls along the floor like a rolling pin would. Both systems use an automatic system for dispensing cleaning solution. They also have auto squeegee attachments that vacuum up the solution.

Both styles are a more hygienic alternative to traditional cleaning methods such as a mop and bucket. Most industrial floor scrubbers are also narrow enough to fit through a standard door frame, so they can easily navigate through aisles of pallet racking or shelving. If you have a large area that needs to be cleaned please call American Surplus today to speak with a sales representative about our current inventory and pricing.