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Tools to Help Improve Your Warehouse Packaging Process

September 12, 2022

Whether you are shrink wrapping pallets or sealing boxes full of your product, your packaging system is most likely a very important part of your warehouse. Making sure you are getting the efficiency out of this system is important to both your bottom line and customer satisfaction. Not only can adding packaging equipment to your line increase the speed at which items are finished, it can also save you money by having less labor costs and less potential injury on the warehouse floor. If you can maximize economical utilization of packaging materials, you are most likely in good shape. This means that you should get the maximum number of packages out of a minimum number of materials.

An ineffective packaging process can cause some significant issues within a facility. While it could seem like an afterthought in running a warehouse, it can be a huge problem that affects output, customer fulfillment, and even space management. Here at American Surplus, we have many different products that can help assist you in getting the most economical packaging system.

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Stretch Wrapper

Making sure items are firmly attached to a pallet for shipping or for storage is crucial. If you are shipping a pallet full of product to a customer, you want to make sure it arrives undamaged and intact to its destination. Before stretch wrappers, employees would use a spindle of shrink wrap to enclose the product and the pallet together. Sometimes the wrap could end up lose or not fully wrapped around the product. Now with stretch wrappers the whole system can be automated and help to increase the pallet wrapping process by up to 70%. Get the same wrap on your pallets every time and always have happy customers.

Case Sealers

Case sealers are most likely at the end of your production line. This is the worst place to have a bottle neck in your system. People are only able to seal so many boxes in a certain amount of time. Even your best employee would most likely be no match for an automated case sealer. Some case sealers are even able to adapt to different sized boxes on the fly, with no need for an employee to adjust any settings. You will also be able to cut down on costs because there will be no need for re-tapes that can come with manual case sealing.

Foam Dispensing Systems

Filling space in a package for shipment can be important to make sure the package arrives undamaged and with the product still intact, foam dispensing systems may be the answer. The foam in bag system can make your packaging operation more efficient and more effective. This machine is ideal for cushioning fragile products, blocking, and bracing more rugged products, or filling the empty space in cartons containing a variety of products. These foam dispensing systems are so versatile that they can be the ultimate tool in your packaging operation.

Industrial Paper Shredders

When people first hear "paper shredder", they probably think of the little office sized ones used for shredding small amounts of paper around the office, but when you need to shred large amounts there are machines capable of doing that: Industrial Paper Shredders. When privacy is at a premium, you can never be too safe with your data. Large scale paper shredders have aggressive cutting assemblies to destroy a wide range of material at the highest level of destruction. Small shreds can result in fewer plastic bags for shredded output.

Industrial Balers

If waste around your warehouse is taking up too much space, then a baler is most likely needed. Balers can take shredded paper, trim waste, and other excess materials into dense, quality bales that can be stacked, stored, and recycled. You can reduce your costs spent on handling shredded materials and reclaim valuable storage space. Balers make it easy for you to make profits from recycling by making tight, high-quality bales. Most balers pay for themselves in under 2 years.


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