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Cubiscan Dimensioning Systems

Make the most of your shipping dollar by adding a dimensioner to your warehouse. Dimensioners operate by using either infrared or ultrasonic sensors to precisely measure and weigh boxed or un-boxed objects to ensure that you are shipping at maximum capacity. Rather than hand-weighing and measuring every piece of inventory to ship or store, using either a static or conveyor dimensioner will process each unit in seconds with a higher degree of accuracy to prevent discrepancies or inconsistencies in shipping reports.

American Surplus proudly sells the Cubiscan product dimensioning system, the leading package cubing & weighing system by Quantronix. Over 30 years ago, Cubiscan introduced the cubing and dimensioning industry and has continued to be the industry standard ever since. The Cubiscan system comes in a variety of form factors to meet your material handling, shipping, and inventory control needs, including the portable Cubiscan 125, the in-line Cubiscan-200-TS, and more. 

Cubiscan 125 Dimensioner
Cubiscan 125 Dimensioner
  • Measures and weighs irregularly-shaped objects
  • Equipped to a cart for full mobility
  • Provides shipping measurements in seconds

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Dimensioners, sometimes called cubing systems, are a relatively new technology, making their first appearance in the late 1980's being introduced to market by Cubiscan. They were designed to make cubing, dimensioning, and weighing for shipping and inventory control a fast, efficient, and accurate process to minimize excess packaging and maximize the amount of product that can be palletized, crated, or shipped.

Cubiscan manufactuers dimensioners for any size application, from large room-scale dimensioners for oversized pallets all the way down to table-top sized systems for parcel measurement applications. Pallet dimensioners are for larger items and are most useful for large freight shipping. Parcel dimensioners such as the Cubiscan 125 are for weighing and measuring individual boxes, containers, or items and are most commonly seen in warehouses and distribution centers.

Parcel dimensioners, ideal for shipping of smaller products, can be used as standalone pieces or equipment or implemented into conveyor systems for seamless measuring to be sorted and shipped. When a parcel dimensioner like the Cubiscan 200-TS is integrated with a conveyor system, they allow for hundreds of items to be measured every minute with the need for the conveyor to slow down or stop to allow products to be measured.

Cubiscan dimensioning systems are immensely useful to any warehouse or material handling facility that has a volume of shipping, especially shipping of irregularly shaped items. They use state of the art technology to optimize every inch of your freight space, and because of this, they tend to be very expensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, when buying used from American Surplus, you will save 40-60% off the price of a new Cubiscan dimensioning system, saving you thousands. Contact a member of our sales team for more information about our current inventory of used Cubiscan dimensioning systems, as well as our full selection of used scales for any department in your facility.