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Mezzanine or Work Platform

October 24, 2022

If your facility is looking to increase warehouse space, businesses might want to consider building up, instead of out. Expanding your vertical storage space lets you to take advantage of unused square footage you already have without the costs of moving or building. The material handling industry is beginning to find a change away from the term “mezzanine.” Sometimes using the phrase “mezzanine” can imply nothing or it can suggest everything.

A mezzanine is a stable intermediate level within a warehouse that is part of its bodily structure. However, a work platform is a piece of equipment that increases usable space or provides support and safe and convenient access to equipment.

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Poor Turn Around Time

Mezzanines are often considered to be a permanent part of a warehouse or facility. Implying that a structure is a mezzanine can complicate the permitting procedure. Regularly building officials will consider a mezzanine as piece of the building instead of as a platform for a machine.

A mezzanine often is connected to the building structure and often have structural steel or concrete columns that hold them up. Usually because of this they add higher calculated value and taxes since it’s considered in the square footage of the building. Due to this structural/building engineer is mandatory to survey the impact of adding a mezzanine on the current building’s layout.

Work platforms are also known as equipment platforms or elevated structures. Equipment platforms are seen as part of the equipment and improves usable space or offers necessary support for safe convenient access to machinery or equipment. These platforms are not considered in the building's fire zone when installed. Since an equipment platform is used exclusively for machinery and equipment the building approval process is faster and easier to get. Due to this the platforms are assessed at a lower value and taxes as it is considered a piece of equipment.

The advantages of not being a mezzanine:

  • Distinctly identifies what the platform is being utilized for.
  • Easier construction approval procedure.
  • Lower property taxes.
  • Capital equipment – depreciated over 7 years instead of 31 years
  • Can lead to smaller accessed value.

These failures are caused by bad information about packing materials being shipped. This could be by receiving the wrong weight, fragility, temperature or humidity control, spoilage dates etc. that leads to products damaged in transit to destination. A strategic component in reducing expenses and increasing efficiency in order fulfillment is investing in tools the necessary tools needed for packaging and distribution.

In conclusion the main distinction between a work platform and a mezzanine is whether the construction is thought as a part of the building or not. Since the area of the mezzanine can be no bigger than 1/3 of the total floor space underneath it. Elevated structures offer two times the area of mezzanines. If you are constructing a permanent mezzanine in that section of the warehouses structure, it’s best call an elevated storage area an equipment or work platform instead of a mezzanine.

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