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Used Storage Racks


Used Storage Racks for Sale

  • Storage racks help save space, improve accessibility, and keep warehouses organized.
  • Improves safety of employees and the products being stored.
  • Variety of styles and capacities available to fit all needs.
  • Prices vary depending on capacity requirements, and quantity discounts are available.
  • ASI pays top dollar for used storage racks: Learn More About Our Purchasing Program
Used Stack Racks
  • Ideal for Bulk Storage Items
  • Can Reuse and Repurpose
  • Reduce Product Damage
  • Improves Inventory Management
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Used Bulk Storage Racks
  • Designed for Hand Loading
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Quick Access to Inventory
  • Maximize Storage Space
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Used Carpet Rack
  • Open Design, Easy Access
  • Sturdy & Efficient Storage
  • Load with a Forklift
  • Maximize Storage Space
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Used Reel Rack
  • Boltless Shelving
  • Single or Double Face
  • 8' Shelving Spans
  • Ships Nationwide
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Used Tire Rack
  • Customizable
  • Cost-Effective
  • Maximize Storage
  • Keep Tires Organized
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Drum Storage Rack
  • Rugged and Durable
  • Bulk Storage Solution
  • Save Floor Space
  • Cost-Effective
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We Buy Used Warehouse Equipment

Are you moving or liquidating your facility and looking to sell your used warehouse equipment or material? American Surplus Inc. can help! American Surplus Inc. offers a purchasing program for new and used warehouse and material handling equipment. Learn more about our purchasing program online or call our sales office at (800) 876-3736 to get started.

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About Storage Racks

Need to add storage space to your material handling operation? ASI has a wide variety of used storage racks that can help you do just that.

Warehouse storage racks are indispensable components of modern logistics and distribution centers, revolutionizing the way goods and materials are organized and stored. These robust structures provide efficient space utilization, easy access to inventory, and improved inventory management, making them a crucial element in the smooth functioning of warehouses and supply chains.

We carry a large supply of bulk rack in a variety of lengths and depths. Bulk rack is ideal for medium to heavy storage of bulk or irregularly shaped items. Large bays of open shelving allow for easy visibility and unobstructed storage.

We have other general purpose racking as well, such as stack rack. Stack racks are great for portable and temporary storage of pallets. Each rack is placed on top of the one below it, and fits one pallet per rack. Stack racks can be positioned in rows to lay products down as well. This style is the least dense form of pallet racking, but provides the most accessibility because pallets can be picked from all four sides.

Our inventory includes other racking styles like carpet racks, which are configured to allow lengthy cardboard or plastic cylinders or rolls of floor carpeting to be stored and retrieved quickly and efficiently in distribution centers.

Reel racks are designed to store and dispense wire, rope, or cable and record storage racks are designed specifically for storing standard letter/legal size file storage boxes. No matter your storage needs, American Surplus has you covered and, when buying used, you will save 40-60% compared to the price of new!

In conclusion, warehouse storage racks play a pivotal role in optimizing storage space, enhancing efficiency, and streamlining inventory management in modern warehousing and distribution operations. By choosing the right type of rack and adhering to safety guidelines, businesses can create a well-organized and efficient warehouse that supports their supply chain operations effectively.

Call today and a member of our sales staff will help you figure out the ideal racking choice to fit your needs.

Advantages of Storage Racks

Industrial storage racks offer quite a few advantages that make them essential for various businesses and industries. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Increased storage capacity: Industrial storage racks maximize vertical space in warehouses and other industrial settings, allowing for more efficient use of available storage space.
  • Improved organization: By providing designated areas for storing specific items, industrial storage racks help to reduce clutter and make it easier to find and access materials, tools, and other items.
  • Increased safety: Industrial storage racks can help improve safety in the workplace by reducing the risk of injury from improperly stored items and by ensuring that heavy items are stored securely and safely.
  • Cost savings: By making better use of available space and improving organization, industrial storage racks can help businesses reduce the need for additional storage facilities or costly expansions.
  • Increased productivity: By providing easy access to materials and tools, industrial storage racks can help workers be more efficient and productive.
  • Flexibility: Industrial storage racks come in a variety of sizes and configurations, allowing businesses to choose the best options to meet their specific needs.
  • Durability: Industrial storage racks are designed to withstand heavy use and can last for many years, providing a long-term storage solution that offers a good return on investment.

Types of Storage Racks

Warehouse storage racks are designed to optimize space and facilitate efficient storage and retrieval of goods within a warehouse setting. Here are some common types of warehouse storage racks:

  • Stackable Racks: Stackable racks are versatile and can be easily stacked on top of each other when not in use. They are often used in industries where storage needs change frequently.
  • Heavy-Duty Shelving: Heavy-duty shelving is suitable for storing items that are too heavy for standard shelving units. They are often used in industrial settings to store heavy tools, machinery parts, and equipment.
  • Drum Racks: Drum racks are specifically designed to store drums or barrels safely and efficiently. They often have spill containment features to prevent leakage.
  • Bulk Storage Racks: Bulk storage racks, also known as bulk storage shelving or bulk storage systems, are heavy-duty storage solutions designed to accommodate large, bulky, and oversized items. They are particularly suitable for storing items that are too big or heavy for standard pallet racking systems.
  • Carpet Racks: Carpet racks are designed to store rolls of carpets in a horizontal position. They typically feature sturdy horizontal beams or poles that support the carpet rolls. These racks allow easy access to individual rolls, making it convenient for workers to retrieve specific carpet rolls without disturbing others.
  • Reel Racks: A reel rack is a specialized type of storage rack designed to store and organize large, heavy spools or reels of materials such as wire, cable, rope, hoses, or other flexible materials.
  • Tire Racks: These racks are engineered to store stacks of tires in a vertical position. They feature vertical columns with arms or beams extending horizontally to create multiple levels for storing tires. These racks are commonly used in tire retailers, automotive service centers, and warehouses dealing with large quantities of tires.

Storage Racks Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the process of installation take?
A: Installation takes an average of 45-60 minutes per rack.

Q: Can racking be installed on any floor surface?
A: While this is dependent on weight capacity, most storage racking is anchored to level concrete. Lightweight storage racks can be installed on other surfaces – but we recommend that this is reviewed before installation.

Q: Does my racking need to be bolted & anchored down?
A: Yes, this is necessary to keep your storage racks upright and in place. Bolts and anchors also act as a safeguard to any force that occurs near the base of your columns.

Q: How do I choose the right type of storage rack for my warehouse?
A: The selection of the right storage rack depends on various factors, including the type and size of products to be stored, the available space, the weight of the items, and the frequency of access. Consulting with a professional rack supplier or a warehouse layout expert can help you make an informed decision.

Q: What is the maximum weight capacity of a warehouse storage rack?
A: The maximum weight capacity of a warehouse storage rack varies depending on the type and quality of the rack. Typically, pallet racks can hold loads ranging from a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds per shelf or beam level.

Q: Can I add more racks to my warehouse as my storage needs grow?
A: Yes, many warehouse storage systems are designed to be expandable and can be added onto as your storage requirements increase. Modular rack designs allow for scalability and easy integration of additional rack components.