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Reasons to Upgrade Conveyor & Storage Systems

March 23, 2022

Depending on how well a facility takes care of their conveyor and storage systems will result in how long they will last over time. In-order to make sure you’ll be getting the most out of your investment it’s important to know when materials and equipment need to be replaced. Sometimes it’s enticing to keep older warehouse systems or equipment for longer than its actual worth, ultimately over time costing your business unnecessary money. This will eventually lead to operations to become unproductive. Utilizing today's technology to manage and run your warehouse with conveyor and storage solutions is a must.

To make sure that your business is operating at the highest efficiency and maximizing ROI it’s important to have up-to-date warehouse solutions. In this blog we’ll identify when it’s appropriate to address updating a warehouses storage and conveyor systems. Here are some reasons why it may be worth contemplating investing in a brand-new warehouse storage and conveyor system.

As storage equipment and conveyor systems require more maintenance it’ll become harder and more costly to source spare parts. This will most likely be the beginning of manufacturers to start thinking about upgrading or phasing out certain components. Let’s begin to look at some of the challenges facing warehouses today by installing the right conveying and industrial storage system.

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In today’s digital world most shopping is done online and customers expect orders to be filled and shipped in a timely fashion. By installing the right conveyor and storage system in your warehouse you’ll be able to help employees increase their overall productivity in picking, transporting, and shipping orders. Repetitive tasks can lead to worker injury that leads to productivity loss and in the worst case of scenario worker compensation claims. Therefor it’s important to take advantage of conveyor systems to help improve the overall order processing time.

After the pandemic in 2020, customers have become used to receiving many everyday items from e-commerce companies by ordering online. Therefore, time cannot be wasted when picking orders. The ability to move items out of a warehouse in large quantities is paramount in this competitive market. Having the appropriate storage system setup in your warehouse to organize is extremely important. By creating a well-organized inventory storage system will help workers move products out smoothly. It also helps order pickers improve picking times making it easier for them to fulfill customer orders correctly. This will allow your facility to boost the number of orders shipped out during operating hours. By doing this your business will be able to hopefully increase the companies bottom line.

A major challenge facing many warehouses, shipping facilities, distribution centers, and manufacturers is space. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your business is maximizing its utilization of space. With a variety of conveyor of different sizes, shapes, and styles; conveyor systems can be customized to fit your warehouse. However, having the right conveyor system isn’t the only thing to think about when maximizing warehouse space, but also incorporating the best storage solution for your operations. With the right mixture of pallet storage, racking, mezzanines, and industrial shelving you’ll be able to organize inventory efficiently and effectively process orders for shipping.

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