Used Conveyors

Used conveyor is the most economical way of increasing productivity of transportation & picking operations in a warehouse. Used conveyor systems for sale at ASI are inspected and given a 30 day parts guarantee. Used conveyor prices are at least 50% off new conveyor pricing quantity discounts are available. 

Used Gravity Conveyor
  • 1.38" or 1.9" rollers
  • 9" - 48" wide units
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Used Power Conveyor
  • Transport conveyor
  • Belt and roller designs in stock
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Used Conveyor Accessories
  • From Sensors to Safety Products
  • Diverters, Scales, & More
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Used Gravity Roller Conveyors
  • 1.38" or 1.9" rollers
  • 9" - 48" wide units
  • Gravity conveyor systems
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    Used Belt Conveyors
    • Hytrol belt conveyor
    • Slider bed conveyor
    • Portable belt conveyors
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    Used Flexible Conveyor
    • Used to load/unload trailers
    • Bestflex conveyor
    • Nestaflex conveyor
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    Used Vertical Lifts
    • Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor
    • Great for Mezzanines!
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    Used Cleated Belt Conveyor
    • Convey bulk materials
    • Small parts conveyor
    • Bolt on cleats
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    Used Pallet Conveyor
    • Move pallet on conveyor
    • Gravity or chain driven
    • Heavy duty conveyor
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    Used Incline Conveyor
    • Rough belt for traction
    • Inclines & declines
    • Floor to floor conveyor
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    Used Skatewheel Conveyors
    • Lightweight product
    • Plastic or steel wheels
    • Gravity conveyor lines
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    Used Conveyor Curves
    • Belted conveyor curves
    • Spiral Conveyor
    • Power & Gravity Curves
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    Used Slider Bed Conveyor
    • Belt rides on top of conveyor
    • Belted conveyor
    • Load product on belt
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    Used Trash Conveyors
    • Handle boxes and paper
    • Rails to prevent falling
    • Trash conveyor systems
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    Used Lineshaft Conveyor
    • Lineshaft driven conveyor
    • Driveshaft runs the conveyor
    • Refurbished conveyor
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    Used Telescopic Conveyor
    • Maxxreach conveyor
    • Stewart galpat conveyor
    • Routeloader conveyor
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    Used Accumulation Conveyor
    • Accumulate cartons
    • Rapistan 1265
    • Bushman accuglide
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    Used Ball Transfer Conveyor
    • Conveyor Ball Tables
    • Ball Transfer Tables
    • Roller ball conveyor
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    Used Belt Over Roller Conveyors
    • Belt rides on rollers of conveyor
    • General transport or inclines
    • Heavy duty conveyor
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    Used Conveyor Systems
    • Ermanco conveyor
    • Handle large volume orders
    • Conveyor system CAD layouts
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    Used Sortation Conveyor
    • NBS conveyor sorter
    • Sort wide range of items
    • Shoe sorter conveyor
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    Used Solar Panel Conveyor
    • Handles any size glass panel
    • 80/20 lightweight aluminum
    • Glass conveyor
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    Used conveyor is a vital part of a high traffic warehouse facility. It can dramatically increase picking and storing efficiency, which can save you time and money in the long run. Used conveyor comes in many styles, and the two main categories are power and gravity conveyors. Both of these styles of used conveyor contain many different types, each with a specific purpose suited to your unique material handling needs.

    Gravity conveyor, as the name implies, relies on gravity to transport inventory items from location to location throughout your facility. Because they are gravity powered conveyor, they can only operate on a flat or on a decline. Used gravity conveyor is used for manual operations where it is flat and workers can access the product, and is also great for getting products between floors at a gradual slope. This type of used conveyor comes in many different styles, including skate wheel, roller, and flexible. Each of these style of used gravity conveyor are able to handle different products and maneuver in different ways.

    Used gravity conveyor is much easier to maintain when compared to used power conveyor, and it is also much less expensive. This might make gravity conveyor look like a no brainer over power, but gravity conveyor relies on gravity to power it. Power conveyor uses electricity, and is not limited to only going horizontally and on a decline. Used power conveyor comes in curves, inclines, declines, and the surface that the product travels along also varies depending on your needs.

    Power conveyors can travel on inclines, allowing for transportation of product to a second level. For steep inclines, a special cleat is added to the belt of the used conveyor, which the product rests on as it travels upwards. These used cleated belt conveyors are similar in design to trash conveyors, which also utilizes cleats to allow the product to travel on inclines without falling out.

    Other types of used power conveyors, like sortation conveyor, allows for the sortation of products traveling along the conveyor based off of their weight. This allows for automated sorting, whereas a strictly gravity conveyor system would require an area for manual sortation. Used power conveyor also comes in a style called accumulation conveyor, which can control the back pressure of products traveling along a conveyor. This is great for conveying fragile goods that you don't want pushing against each other as they travel along the line.

    As you can see, there are many different ways to utilize the various types of used conveyor in your warehouse facility. The amount of options you have may seem overwhelming, but ASI has over 25 years of experience providing material handling solutions for our clients. Our sales team will work with you to determine the proper types of conveyor system for your facility. We buy quality used material handling equipment that has been tested, cleaned, and inspected. Our sales team then figures out exactly what problems you are having to decide which type of conveyor is right for you. Contact ASI today.

    Some of the conveyor varieties we offer include:

    • Rapistan Conveyor
    • Omni Conveyor
    • Matthews Conveyor
    • TWG Conveyor
    • Automotion Conveyor
    • Roach Conveyor
    • Alvey Conveyor
    • Metzgar Conveyor
    • Bestflex Conveyor
    • Bushman Conveyor
    • Hytrol Conveyor
    • Ermanco Conveyor 

    What some people call used conveyor systems others may call:

    • Used Belt Conveyors 
    • Used Roller Conveyors
    • Used Incline Conveyor
    • Used Power Conveyor
    • Used Gravity Conveyor

    Used Conveyor Frequently Asked Questions:

    What type of conveyor does ASI sell and service?

    • There are several types of gravity and power conveyor sold by ASI. Used Conveyors

    What us done to ensure me that the used conveyor will function satisfactorily?

    • ASI has been selling for over 20 years with hundreds of satisfied installations. Our conveyor technicians inspect and check all systems prior to shipment.

    Can I purchase used conveyor to expand an existing conveyor line?

    • Yes, of course. Our extensive inventory of all styles and brands of conveyor is available at reduced prices.

    Can I return the conveyor purchase if I am not satisfied?