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Conveyor Accessory Glossary

April 15, 2021

Conveyor systems are important in the transfer of goods, products, and bulk items from one location to another location. To increase the benefits of a conveyor system one should consider the use and application of conveyor accessories. Not only do these accessories increase the efficiency of the system, but also cuts down labor costs significantly.

At American Surplus Inc., our knowledgeable sales associates will walk you through the entire process from the quote to installation. That said, we know that shopping for a conveyor systems and accessories can be overwhelming. So, to help simplify it, here is a guide of different types of conveyor accessories. If you still have questions once you review this list, give us a call at (800) 876-3736.

Conveyor Electrical Controls

  • Photo Eye Sensor Monitor and Shut Down Sections start and stop a conveyor line to safely load and unload product.
  • Cable Emergency Stop or Safety Pull Cord is a failsafe taut wire emergency pull cord safety stop switch for open conveyors.
  • Limit Switch is a kind of monitor switch used to safeguard against an overload.
  • Magnetic Starter is an electromagnetically controlled switch that provides a safe method for starting an electric motor with a sizable load.

Conveyor Barcode Scanners

  • Barcode scanners are electronic tools for scanning barcodes as they are transported down the conveyor line using lasers and technology.

Conveyor Stands

  • Stands are a durable leg construction for long-lasting conveyor support.
Pull Stop
Conveyor Guard Rails

Conveyor Gates

  • Conveyor Gates are a segment of conveyor equipped with a hinge system to provide an opening.

Conveyor Walkovers

  • Walkovers are meant for walking of the facility employees over the conveyor.

Conveyor Netting

  • A Netting allows a conveyor system to operate swiftly and effectively without causing damage or harm to equipment, supply, or, most importantly, your warehouse workers.

Conveyor Diverters

  • Diverters are perfect for conveyor systems to support inventory management, product flow in the systems, organization, and proficiency.

Conveyor Scales

  • Scales are used to constantly evaluate and report flow rates and totalized amounts of supplies being transferred on a conveyor from one location to another.

Conveyor Guard Rails

  • Guard Rails parallel the course of a conveyor and reducing the objects or transporters to traffic in a specified route.

Looking for more information about conveyor systems and the different types of conveyors? Click here to take a look at our CONVEYOR GUIDE.

Conveyor Walkover

Let ASI Handle Your Conveyor Installation

Used Conveyor System

At American Surplus, we do more than just sell you a used conveyor. We also take care of the installation process so you do not have to risk doing it yourself. Save time and money by calling ASI today! We will ensure your used conveyor systems are assembled in a safe and timely manner.

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About Conveyors

Conveyor is a vital part of any high traffic warehouse facility. It can dramatically increase your picking and storing efficiency, which can save you time and money in the long run. There are two main distinctions of conveyors: power and gravity. Both types of conveyor systems contain many different styles, each with a specific purpose suited to your unique material handling needs.

Conveyor Glossary


Conveyor systems are used in many different industries such as pharmaceutical, automotive, food processing, shipping, packaging, bottling, and canning.

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About Gravity Conveyor

Gravity conveyor is much less expensive to purchase than power conveyor, and is also easier to maintain. As a result, gravity conveyor is an excellent choice if you are looking to upgrade your material handling operation without spending a lot of money. However, it is important to consider where your conveyor will be located in your facility, and how it will be utilized in your material handling operation. Due to the powerless nature of gravity conveyor, it might not be the right fit for you.

Gravity conveyor, as the name implies, relies on gravity to transport inventory items from location to location throughout your facility. Because they are gravity-powered, they can only operate on a decline or a level surface. Gravity conveyor is ideal for manual sortation, as workers have access to products on the conveyor line. This type of used conveyor comes in many different styles, including skate wheel, roller, and flexible. Each of these types of used gravity conveyor are designed to be able to handle different products and maneuver in different ways.

About Power Conveyor

Power conveyors are more expensive than gravity conveyors, but for good reason. Because power conveyors use motors to move materials along the line, they can transport products up inclines, as well as on level ground and declines. There are various types of power conveyors such as belt conveyorsbelt over roller conveyors, and lineshaft conveyor.

Power conveyors are a great way to increase the efficiency of your operation. In addition to transporting materials throughout your warehouse, some conveyors such as sortation conveyors can automatically sort products as they move down the line based on their weight.

As you can see, there are many different ways to utilize the various types of conveyor in your warehouse facility. The amount of options you have may seem overwhelming, but ASI has over 30 years of experience providing material handling solutions for our clients. Our sales team will work with you to determine the proper types of conveyor system for your facility. We buy quality used conveyor systems that have been tested, cleaned, and inspected. Our sales team then figures out exactly what problems you are having to decide which type of conveyor is right for you. Contact ASI today.

We carry conveyors from most major manufacturers including:

  • Rapistan Conveyor
  • Omni Conveyor
  • Matthews Conveyor
  • TWG Conveyor
  • Roach Conveyor
  • Alvey Conveyor
  • Metzgar Conveyor
  • Bestflex Conveyor
  • Bushman Conveyor
  • Hytrol Conveyor
  • Ermanco Conveyor

Used Conveyor Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What type of conveyor does ASI sell and service?
A:There are several types of gravity and power conveyor sold by ASI.

Q:What is done to ensure me that the used conveyor will function satisfactorily?
A:ASI has been selling for over 30 years with hundreds of satisfied installations. Our conveyor technicians inspect and check all systems prior to shipment.

Q:Can I purchase used conveyor to expand an existing conveyor line?
A:Yes, of course. Our extensive inventory of all styles and brands of conveyor is available at reduced prices.

Q:Can I return the conveyor purchase if I am not satisfied?
A:Yes, please click here to view our terms and conditions.


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