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Used Pallet Rack Workbenches

Pallet Rack Workbenches from American Surplus are designed using standard teardrop pallet rack to make an industrial-style workbench that fits into any warehouse. These are made with surplus pallet rack that is in excellent condition. With the ability to add options to the benches you are able to customize them exactly for your needs. These made-to-order workbenches are ideal for industrial use. They provide the perfect space for keeping items organized in a warehouse environment. Used work benches from ASI are completely customizable with a variety of options and accessories to choose from. Our work benches are extremely durable, and are inspected before shipment.

Used ASI Pallet Rack Workbenches
Used ASI Pallet Rack Workbenches
  • Made to Order
  • Use Standard Size Pallet Rack
  • Variety of Accessories
  • Photo Representation Only

Available Combo Deals

Pallet Rack Workbenches from American Surplus are custom made to order in our in-house fabrication shop. While we do have several specific sizes available, our team can build a pallet rack workbench to your exact specifications. Pallet rack workbenches have optional accessories available, such as lighting and louvered panels for hanging storage bins. Contact a member of our sales team to learn more about a fully customized pallet rack workbench from American Surplus!

Used Pallet Rack Workbenches Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the best depth for a workbench?
A: The depth of your workbench should be no longer than your arm can reach across it.

Q: What is the most popular workbench size?
A: Most workbenches are between 28 to 38 inches in height, with 34′′ being the most popular.

Q: What advantages does a workbench offer?
A: Industrial workbenches are essential to improving productivity and safety within your workplace. They’re constructed from durable materials to withstand significant weight and excessive stress, which is crucial in a warehouse environment. Being so versatile, workbenches can be used for packaging tasks, supply storage, or labor-intensive projects.