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Used Wall Mounted Fans


Used Wall Mounted Fans for Sale

  • Mounted fans are energy efficient and can quickly cool large areas of any factory, warehouse, or work area.
  • Help to circulate air in warehouses to create a cooling effect, helping to create a better ventilated environment.
  • Can be set to rotate 360 degrees and are easily installed.
  • Affixing a fan to a wall increases space and safety in warehouses by decluttering floors from stray electrical cords.
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Used Wall Mounted Fans - 22"
Used Wall Mounted Fans - 22"
  • 22" Diameter
  • Circulate Air
  • 3 Blades
Used Wall Mounted Fans - 24"
Used Wall Mounted Fans - 24"
  • 24" Diameter
  • Various Manufacturers
  • Wall Mount Included
Used Wall Mounted Fans - 30"
Used Wall Mounted Fans - 30"
  • 30" Diameter
  • Air Circulator
  • Wall-Mount

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About Wall Mounted Fans

Wall mounted fans are a fantastic solution for beating the heat in your warehouse or facility. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars every day to keep your warehouse air conditioned, wall mounted fans offer a far more cost effecting means of temperature control. While they are designed for cooling down large areas quickly, wall mounted fans, like drum fans and pedestal fans, can also be used to dry wet spots rapidly, and to keep sediment out of the air at work sites.

In chemical processing facilities use industrialized fans to circulate fumes from dangerous substances out of the inside environment and to maintain consistent temperatures. The industry of material handling uses wall mounted fans to deliver safe methods to move materials and debris like sawdust, sand, or plastic pellets for both transportation, cleaning, and air quality purposes. Mutually manufacturing and commercial buildings need to continually circulate air to sustain comfortable environments for employees and patrons. Some of these other industries that benefit from industrialized wall-mounted fans are construction sites, restaurants, greenhouses, gyms, and distribution facilities.

Wall mounted fans are available from ASI in varying sizes and operating at various outputs depending on your cooling needs. When buying used from American Surplus you can shop with confidence. Every fan that leaves our warehouse is inspected and tested prior to shipping to ensure that only the highest quality used equipment makes its way to our customers. Contact a member of our sales staff today to learn which wall mounted fan is the right fit to your operation. Call us today at (800) 876-3736 or request a quote online.

Advantages of Wall Mounted Fans

Wall-mounted fans offer numerous advantages in a variety of settings. Let's explore some of the key benefits of wall-mounted fans:

  • Space-saving Design: Wall-mounted fans are ideal for areas with limited floor space. By attaching directly to the wall, they eliminate the need for bulky pedestals or stands, allowing you to maximize the available space. This makes them particularly useful in small rooms, workshops, garages, or offices where floor space is precious.
  • Improved Air Circulation: Wall-mounted fans are specifically designed to provide effective air circulation. They distribute air across a wider area compared to traditional floor fans or ceiling fans. With adjustable fan heads and oscillation features, they can cover large spaces, ensuring optimal airflow and keeping the environment cool and comfortable.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Compared to air conditioning units or central cooling systems, wall-mounted fans are much more energy-efficient. They consume considerably less electricity while still providing effective cooling. By using a wall-mounted fan, you can reduce your energy consumption and save on utility bills, making it a cost-effective cooling solution.
  • Flexible Mounting Options: Wall-mounted fans offer flexibility in terms of mounting positions. They can be easily installed on any sturdy wall surface at a height that suits your specific needs. This allows you to position the fan at the desired angle and height to achieve the best airflow and cooling effect for the space.
  • Versatility: Wall-mounted fans come in various sizes and designs, offering versatility for different applications. They are available in different speeds, allowing you to adjust the airflow according to your preference and the room's requirements. Some models even offer additional features like timers, remote controls, and adjustable fan heads, providing added convenience and customization options.
  • Improved Safety: Since wall-mounted fans are securely attached to the wall, they eliminate the risk of tripping or tipping over, which is common with floor fans. This makes them a safer option, particularly in homes with children or in busy commercial environments. Additionally, many wall-mounted fans come with protective grills or covers that prevent accidental contact with the fan blades.
  • Reduced Noise: Wall-mounted fans are generally quieter compared to other types of fans. With their fixed position on the wall, they produce less vibration and noise, allowing for a quieter and more peaceful environment. This makes them particularly suitable for bedrooms, offices, libraries, and other spaces where low noise levels are desired.
  • Easy Maintenance: Maintaining wall-mounted fans is relatively simple. They are easily accessible for cleaning, and their design typically includes removable grills or fan heads for easy maintenance. Regular cleaning and occasional blade dusting will help keep the fan in optimal condition, ensuring efficient airflow and longevity.

Wall Mounted Fans Applications

Wall-mounted fans find applications in various settings and industries due to their versatility and practicality. Here are some common applications for wall-mounted fans:

  • Commercial and Industrial Facilities: Wall-mounted fans are commonly found in commercial and industrial settings. They help regulate temperature, improve air quality, and provide ventilation in areas such as warehouses, workshops, factories, gyms, and retail spaces. These fans are effective at preventing stagnation of air, removing fumes, reducing moisture, and preventing the buildup of airborne particles.
  • Educational Institutions: Schools, universities, and educational institutions utilize wall-mounted fans to improve air circulation in classrooms, libraries, gymnasiums, and other common areas. These fans help maintain a conducive learning environment by preventing stuffiness, reducing humidity, and improving overall air quality.
  • Hospitality and Entertainment Venues: Wall-mounted fans are commonly used in hotels, resorts, event venues, and entertainment facilities. They provide localized cooling in guest rooms, lobbies, hallways, and other areas, enhancing guest comfort and satisfaction. Wall-mounted fans can also be found in outdoor seating areas, patios, and verandas, where they help create a pleasant atmosphere during warm weather.
  • Agricultural Settings: Wall-mounted fans are utilized in agricultural applications, such as greenhouses, poultry farms, and livestock barns. They assist in maintaining optimal air circulation, preventing heat stress, controlling humidity, and reducing the presence of airborne pathogens. These fans play a crucial role in creating a healthy and conducive environment for plants and animals.

Wall Mounted Fans Manufacturers

  • Panasonic Corporation
  • Honeywell International Inc.
  • Vornado Air LLC
  • Lasko Products LLC
  • Broan-NuTone LLC
  • Air King Ventilation Products
  • Hunter Fan Company
  • Matthews Fan Company
  • Westinghouse Electric Corporation
  • TPI Corporation
  • Canarm Ltd.
  • Minka Group
  • Airmaster Fan Company
  • Tornado Fan Company
  • Greenheck Fan Corporation

Wall Mounted Fans are Also Known As

  • Wall Fans
  • Oscillating Wall Fans
  • Mounted Fans
  • Wall-Mount Fans
  • Wall-Mounted Oscillating Fans
  • Wall-Mounted Cooling Fans
  • Wall-Mounted Air Circulators
  • Wall-Mounted Ventilation Fans
  • Wall-Mounted Air Movers
  • Wall-Mounted Cooling Units
  • Wall-Mounted Air Cooling Fans
  • Wall-Mounted Industrial Fans
  • Wall-Mounted Residential Fans
  • Wall-Mounted Room Fans
  • Wall-Mounted Commercial Fans

Wall Mounted Fans Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does a wall-mounted fan work?
A: Wall-mounted fans work by rotating fan blades, which draw air in and push it forward, creating a breeze and improving air circulation in the surrounding area.

Q: Can wall-mounted fans be used outdoors?
A: Some wall-mounted fans are specifically designed for outdoor use, with weather-resistant materials and features to withstand the elements. However, not all wall-mounted fans are suitable for outdoor use, so it's important to check the product specifications.

Q: How do I clean and maintain a wall-mounted fan?
A: Cleaning and maintenance of a wall-mounted fan typically involves dusting the fan blades regularly and wiping the exterior surfaces with a damp cloth. Some models have removable grills or fan heads, making it easier to clean them thoroughly.

Q: Can wall-mounted fans be used in conjunction with air conditioning?
A: Yes, wall-mounted fans can be used in conjunction with air conditioning systems. They can help distribute cool air more effectively throughout the room, reducing reliance on the air conditioner and improving overall comfort.

Q: Are wall-mounted fans suitable for use in humid environments?
A: Wall-mounted fans can be used in humid environments. However, it's important to ensure that the fan's materials are resistant to rust or corrosion that may occur in high-humidity conditions.

Q: Can wall-mounted fans be angled or adjusted for directional airflow?
A: Yes, many wall-mounted fans come with adjustable fan heads or tilt mechanisms that allow users to angle the airflow in different directions. This feature helps to direct the airflow precisely where it is needed.