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Used Industrial Warehouse Scales

Used scales from ASI include counting scales, floor scales, conveyor scales, and dimensioning systems. Each type of scale serves a specific function to a specific application. Whether you are using your scale for shipping, receiving, sorting, or any other warehouse application, American Surplus has the scale for your facility! We have numerous used scales in all four styles in stock, in great working condition, and 40-60% less expensive than the price of new.

Used Conveyor Scales
  • Weigh as they are conveyed
  • High speed conveyor scales
  • Ramsey checkweighers in stock
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Used Counting Scales
  • Accurately weigh and count
  • Large LED display
  • Battery operated
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Used Floor Scales
  • Heavy duty industrial design
  • Weigh pallets accurately
  • Diamond tread plate
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Cubiscan Dimensioning Systems
  • Precisely measures and weighs items
  • Ideal for irregular-shaped objects
  • Available for pallet or parcel shipping
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While all scales are used to weigh things, they can do a lot more than just that. ASI has floor scales, counting scales, conveyor scales, and dimensioning systems; with a selection like this, we have a scale for every department of your warehouse of material handling facility. 

Counting scales are the smallest scales that we have in stock. These are used for recording weights of smaller items for lightweight shipping or inventorying purposes. They have a low profile to easily fit on any counter top or workbench, feature weight capacities of up to 150 pounds, and are precisely accurate to allow for small parts and pieces to be easily quantified.

Floor scales, or pallet scales, are also a traditional weight measuring device which operates on the same principles of a counting scale, however on a much larger scale. Every shipping or receiving department should have a floor scale to keep track of the weights of palletized or bulky items for shipping purposes, or for weighing anything up to 10,000 pounds. Durable diamond plated flooring provides traction to prevent slipping by employees or lift equipment.

Conveyor scales, or checkweighers, provide seamless integration into conveyor systems to record and process weights as they pass over conveyor lines. Once the data is received, it can either be transmitted to labeling machines or computers to keep accurate inventory or to prepare for shipping. Conveyor scales allow for product to remain in motion while data is collected.

Dimensioning systems, or cubic dimensioners, are a new technology for the shipping world. They not only weigh items, but they can also accurately measure irregularly shaped objects to provide dimensions allowing for shipping to be optimized down to the inch using ultrasonic and infrared light beams in seconds. 

Buying scales new can be a very expensive venture, but when you shop used from American Surplus, you will save 40-60% off the price of new on everything, including thousands off of Cubiscan products. Every scale is tested and inspected prior to shipping by our trained staff. Contact a member of our sales team to learn more about our current inventory of used scales.

Used Warehouse Scales Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is a freight scale?
A: Shipping and receiving floor scales are used to measure the weight of heavier items than bench scales. Commonly industrial floor scales weigh items like drums, pallets, and bulk cargo in shipping and receiving docks.

Q: Do you need a scale to ship packages?
A: To get a proper weight, you need to weigh the packages, pallets, and drums to account for the overall weight for the content inside.

Q: What is the point of a frieght scale?
A: Weigh stations play a vital role in confirming that each commercial vehicle passing through follows the laws and safety regulations set by the state. To ensure that the weight of the truck is within the limit of what the road or highway can handle, industrial warehouse scales are used.