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Used Open Rack Decking


Used Open Rack Decking for Sale

  • Cost-effective way to improve the safety of a warehouse and keep pallets from falling out of place while racked.
  • Evenly distributes the weight of a pallet across the decking.
  • Offers extra security when storing heavy loads due to the durable steel design.
  • Easy to install and require minimal maintenance for upkeep.
  • Allows airflow through stored materials and water from fire prevention systems to get through in case of a fire.
  • ASI has a large inventory of used Punch Deck and SnapShelf decking in great condition.
  • ASI pays top dollar for used open rack decking: Learn More About Our Purchasing Program
Used Punch Deck
Used Punch Deck
  • Shelves more than 50% open
  • 48 inch depth
  • Cost-effective
Used SnapShelf Decking - 108" Wide Channels
Used SnapShelf Decking - 108" Wide Channels
  • Shelves more than 50% open
  • 48 inch depth
  • Like-New Condition
Used SnapShelf Decking - 96" Wide Levels
Used SnapShelf Decking - 96" Wide Levels
  • Shelves more than 50% open
  • 48 inch depth
  • Like-New Condition

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About Open Rack Decking

Open rack decking is a versatile and efficient storage solution commonly used in industrial and commercial settings. It refers to a type of shelving or storage system that utilizes horizontal platforms supported by beams or uprights. Open rack decking is designed to maximize storage capacity, improve accessibility, and enhance overall workflow.

One of the key advantages of open rack decking is its ability to optimize space utilization. By utilizing vertical storage space, it allows for the efficient organization of goods and materials, especially in environments where floor space is limited. The open design of the decking provides multiple levels of shelving, enabling the stacking of items and increasing storage capacity without sacrificing accessibility.

Punch Deck and SnapShelf Decking are two popular types of open rack decking that provide efficient and reliable storage solutions in various industrial and commercial settings.

  • Punch Deck: Punch Deck, also known as perforated decking, is a type of open rack decking that features evenly spaced perforations or holes across its surface. The holes are typically round or square-shaped and allow for improved airflow, light penetration, and visibility within the rack system.
  • SnapShelf Decking is a unique type of open rack decking that is designed for quick and tool-less installation. It consists of interlocking wire mesh panels that snap securely into place on the rack beams, eliminating the need for additional hardware or fasteners.

Overall, open rack decking is a highly effective storage solution that maximizes space utilization, improves accessibility, enhances visibility, and promotes safety. Its versatility, ease of installation, and compatibility with various material handling equipment make it an asset in industrial and commercial storage environments. Whether in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, or retail settings, open rack decking plays a vital role in efficient inventory management and streamlined operations.

Advantages of Open Rack Decking

Open rack decking offers various advantages that make it a preferred choice in industrial and commercial storage settings. Here are some key pros of open rack decking:

  • Efficient Space Utilization: Open rack decking maximizes vertical storage space by providing multiple levels of shelving. This allows for efficient utilization of available space, especially in warehouses or storage facilities where floor space is limited. By optimizing vertical storage, open rack decking helps increase storage capacity and overall productivity.
  • Easy Access and Retrieval: With open rack decking, items are stored in a well-organized manner, making them easily accessible. The open design of the decking allows for quick visual identification and easy retrieval of stored goods. This helps improve order picking efficiency, reduces the time required for locating items, and enhances overall workflow.
  • Versatility: Open rack decking is versatile and adaptable to various storage needs. It can accommodate different types of products, including palletized goods, boxes, cartons, and containers. The flexibility of open rack decking allows for customization and adjustment to meet specific storage requirements, ensuring compatibility with different sizes and weights of items.
  • Enhanced Product Visibility: One of the notable advantages of open rack decking is improved visibility of stored items. The open design allows for clear visibility of goods, making it easier to monitor inventory levels, check product conditions, and conduct inventory management. This helps prevent stockouts, reduces the risk of damage, and enables better control of inventory accuracy.
  • Improved Safety: Open rack decking contributes to a safer working environment. It provides stable and secure storage platforms, minimizing the risk of accidents or product damage. Additionally, open rack decking allows for proper ventilation, reducing the accumulation of dust, heat, or moisture, which can be detrimental to certain types of goods.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Open rack decking is generally easy to install, requiring minimal tools and equipment. It can be quickly assembled, allowing for faster setup of storage systems. Furthermore, open rack decking is low maintenance, requiring simple cleaning and occasional inspections to ensure its integrity and durability.
  • Compatibility with Material Handling Equipment: Open rack decking is designed to work in conjunction with various material handling equipment, such as forklifts, pallet jacks, and conveyor systems. This compatibility facilitates seamless integration into existing warehouse operations and enables smooth material flow, contributing to increased efficiency and productivity.

Open Rack Decking Applications

Open rack decking finds applications in various industries and storage environments. Here are some common applications for open rack decking:

  • Warehousing and Distribution Centers: Open rack decking is extensively used in warehousing and distribution centers for storing a wide range of goods. It allows for efficient storage and retrieval of palletized items, cartons, and containers. The open design of the decking enables easy access to inventory, streamlines order picking processes, and facilitates smooth movement of goods using material handling equipment.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Manufacturing plants often utilize open rack decking to organize and store raw materials, work-in-progress items, and finished products. The decking provides a systematic storage solution that ensures easy accessibility and visibility of materials required in the production process. It helps maintain an organized work environment and supports efficient inventory management.
  • Retail and E-commerce Warehouses: In retail and e-commerce settings, open rack decking is used for storing and organizing merchandise. It enables efficient inventory management, facilitates order fulfillment, and helps maintain proper stock rotation. Open rack decking is particularly beneficial for storing items that are frequently accessed and require quick identification, such as consumer goods, electronics, apparel, and small packaged items.
  • Cold Storage Facilities: Open rack decking is suitable for cold storage environments, including refrigerated or frozen warehouses. The open design allows for proper air circulation, promoting temperature consistency and preventing condensation buildup. It is commonly used for storing perishable goods, food products, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive items that require ventilation and protection from moisture.
  • Automotive and Heavy Equipment Storage: Open rack decking is utilized in automotive facilities and warehouses for storing vehicle parts, components, and accessories. It provides a sturdy platform for storing heavy and bulky items, such as engines, tires, and body panels. The open design allows for easy visual inspection and quick retrieval of parts, supporting efficient maintenance and repair operations.
  • Document and Archive Storage: Open rack decking is also suitable for organizing and storing documents, files, and archival materials. It provides a space-efficient solution for record-keeping purposes in offices, libraries, and archival facilities. The open design allows for easy identification and retrieval of specific documents when needed.
  • Industrial Tool and Equipment Storage: Open rack decking is utilized in industrial settings to store tools, equipment, and machinery components. It helps keep the work area organized and ensures that tools and equipment are easily accessible for maintenance, repairs, or production processes.

Open Rack Decking Manufacturers

  • Nashville Wire Products
  • WireCrafters
  • ITC Manufacturing
  • J&L Wire Cloth
  • Wireway Husky
  • SpaceRak
  • Hallowell
  • Husky Rack & Wire
  • Penco Products

Open Rack Decking are Also Known As

  • Pallet Rack Wire Decking
  • Rack Grid Decking
  • Wire Mesh Rack Decking
  • Wire Grid Rack Decking
  • Pallet Rack Grid Decking
  • Pallet Rack Wire Mesh Decking
  • Industrial Rack Wire Decking
  • Warehouse Rack Grid Decking
  • Shelving Rack Wire Mesh Decking
  • Heavy-Duty Rack Wire Decking

Open Rack Decking Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is open rack decking?
A:Open rack decking refers to a type of decking designed specifically for use with pallet racks or storage racks. It typically consists of welded wire mesh or grid panels that fit onto the beams of the rack system, providing a stable surface for storing goods.

Q: Can open rack decking be used with different types of rack systems?
A: Yes, open rack decking is compatible with various types of pallet rack systems, including selective racks, push-back racks, drive-in racks, and pallet flow racks. It can also be used with standalone shelving units.

Q: How is the open rack decking installed?
A:The installation process may vary depending on the specific rack system and decking design. Generally, open rack decking panels are placed on the rack beams, resting securely. Some decking options may require additional hardware or clips for proper installation. It is important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations for installation.

Q: How do I choose the right open rack decking for my application?
A:When choosing the right open rack decking for your business, consider decking dimensions, load capacity, and mesh pattern.

Q: Can open rack decking be personalized?
A: Some manufacturers offer customization options for open rack decking, such as specific sizes, finishes, or additional features based on your application needs. Discuss your requirements with and American Surplus Sales Associate to explore customization options.

Q: How do I maintain open rack decking?
A: Maintaining open rack decking involves regular inspections for damage, ensuring proper load distribution, and keeping the decking surface clean from debris or spills. If damage occurs, replace or repair the damaged panels promptly.