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Innovative Warehouse Storage Solutions to Enhance Efficiency

October 3, 2022

Innovation is crucial in today's competitive and extremely demanding market. As new supply chain challenges arise, companies must be able to make the most of all advantages accessible. Within the warehouse environment, this means strategically using every inch of floor space — and optimizing all processes to avoid wasting valuable time or resources.

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Streamline your Current Warehouse Storage Practices

Warehouses are always looking for ways to improve productivity and streamline their processes. This starts with simplifying operations and making necessary changes that utilize current advancements to establish the right flow for your environment. With less steps to the process means fewer touches, less time, and lowered cost.

Inventory is one of the biggest challenges facing a warehouse operation. It is essential to determine inventory cycles and know how much and how often inventory comes and goes. Most warehouses will feature bar code systems to help automate and accurately provide this information. This knowledge will help you organize and plan storage for your inventory and, over time, this should become a standard practice in the warehouse. The type of storage system you choose whether it be pallet rack, industrial shelving, bulk rack, or rivet rack, must be ideal for picking and inventorying your merchandise. If you sell multiple products, identifying slow moving and fast-moving products will help you make smart storage decisions.

To manage your warehouse space effectively while struggling with overstock, begin by reviewing your current situation and data. If your facility has been dealing with disorderly overstock for a while, you might find that you have multiple storage systems or locations in place.

Use Vertical Space

Growing your rack and shelving units vertically boosts your space on hand for inventory with minimal cost as you can simply build on your existing structures.

One big change that can maximize warehouse storage is utilizing vertical space. As one of the most under-utilized areas in storage, it’s an often overlooked but very useful place to store more inventory. Stack items to near-ceiling height. Keep items with high turnover closer to the ground for easy access and more seasonal and overstock items at the top.

Upgrade Your Pallet Racking Systeme

Warehouse racks must be upgraded in a timely fashion with future traffic and other requirements of the warehouse in mind.

Some of the reasons to consider upgrading racking systems are:

  • Needing regular repairs
  • Problems arising during assessments such as deterioration, dents, or other damages
  • Beam deflection that may occur due to insufficient arm support or heavy loads
  • No room for expansion with the current racking system
  • Move to a new facility

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