New Cantilever Racks

New Cantilever Racks are made for storing long, bulky products such as lumber, furniture, and pipes. It is commonly referred to as lumber rack, furniture rack, pipe rack, and home depot style rack (simply because it is found in home depot stores). There are endless configurations and layouts for cantilever rack, it all depends on the material size/weight, and needs of your warehouse. Talk with our sales team to find out which size dock board is right for you. Ships from our warehouse in Rhode Island. Various sizes & capacities available, Super Heavy Duty and CAD layouts are available.

New Cantilever Rack
New Cantilever Rack
  • 96", 144" and 192" Uprights
  • 36", 48", 52" and 60" Bases
  • 36", 48", 52" and 60" Arms

Available Combo Deals