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Is Your Order Picking Operation Ready For Peak Season?

November 7, 2022

Even though every peak order picking season you work hard to be very prepared for the unanticipated difficulties. With the current challenges on the supply chain after the pandemic, you know it’s not becoming any easier. As a result, it’s crucial now than ever to make sure you have systems established to keep your picking operations flowing smoothly.

Order picking is the procedure of finding and pulling manufactured goods or SKUs to meet customer orders. This process must run efficiently to streamline the steps in the order fulfillment process — picking customer orders, packing, shipping, and delivery.

Make sure your businesses order picking operation and warehouse storage equipment is in excellent condition. If your picking equipment requires servicing, don’t wait until your business is inundated with orders during the peak of order picking season. You should make sure your equipment gets routine checkups, so the picking process is running smoothly all year.

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Concentrate on employee safety, facility cleanliness, and highly organized areas to improve order picking efficiency. Warehouse sanitation and safety are a priority for the workforce year-round. Therefore, you might find you require a more space-effective solution for storing cleaning materials. A clean and organized work facility will help your staff stay safe while on the job and productive during chaotic times.

A warehouses success for peak order picking season on a preemptive preparation process. This point in time can be nerve-wracking or invigorating, depending on how ready your team and facility are. Order picking has seen considerable modernization in recent years with automation and collaborative robots being added to the picking process. Part of the peak season preparation process includes analyzing how your picking approach is currently operating. By finding areas where mistakes can be reduced will help improve pick rate and improve overall order picking efficiency.

If you’ve been contemplating updating any of your facilities storage solutions or if you are regularly running out of room, now is the time to make a change. To get ready for peak picking season and any new supply chain challenges that may possibly be on the horizon, don’t wait. It will take some time to get completely up to speed with any new equipment you apply in your order picking operations.

American Surplus Inc. have been helping customers optimize their order fulfilment processes for over 30 years. Whatever improvements your team may have to make for peak order fulfillment season this year, don’t procrastinate to make the upgrades. Call our experienced sales team today!