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Used Scissor Docks

Scissor dock lifts, also known as hydraulic dock lifts, are an alternative to loading docks and are made from heavy gauge steel. These dock lifts are designed for maximum safety and effectiveness. Scissor dock lifts can accommodate to a variety of truck bed heights. Scissor docks can be raised or lowered hydraulically to make a temporary loading dock that is the same height as the truck bed. Lifts provide a leveled unloading from truck and trailer beds, which will create a safer working condition for employees. This will help decrease the number of worker compensation injury claims. There is really no vehicle size that dock scissor lifts cannot service. Hydraulic dock lifts are the only type of equipment with the ability to provide an efficient and safe loading and unloading process. Scissor docks have weight capacities of thousands of pounds and can be raised or lowered from 0 to 5 feet, depending on your warehouse's specific needs. Our used scissor dock lifts also come with beveled toe-guards.

Used ECOA Hydraulic Scissor Dock Lifts
Used ECOA Hydraulic Scissor Dock Lifts
  • 5,000 lb. capacity
  • 96" x 120" platform
  • 60" Lift Height

Available Combo Deals

Used scissor dock lifts are typically electric/hydraulically operated. These are ideal for a range of industrial warehouse applications. Scissor dock lifts will improve productivity and efficiency, while reducing workers injuries. Some scissor dock lifts are mobile or slotted to be able to be moved by a forklift increasing the versatility of this dock lift. Scissor dock lifts will allow workers to be more productive and reduce the risk of damaging goods when loading or unloading vehicles.

When purchasing older used lifts, we suggest speaking directly with one of our dock technicians who can brief you on the exact features on all our scissor lifts in stock. New lifts are available with all the standard features. Our technicians will provide you with the answers you need quickly and clearly. Call (800) 876-3736 today. Lift purchases are covered by a 30 day guarantee along with a certified low price.  


All used scissor dock lifts are inspected and tested prior to shipping to ensure that all hydraulic components are in excellent working order, and that only the highest quality used equipment leaves our warehouse. Contact a member of our sales team to learn more about our current inventory of used scissor dock lifts, as well as our full selection of used dock equipment.