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Used Industrial Barrel Fans

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Industrial barrel fans, sometimes called drum fans, use high-speed, high-volume power to move air in substantial amounts extremely fast. They are ideal for controlling temperature in large rooms or long aisles of a warehouse. They are typically direct, or belt driven to reduce power consumption and noise pollution. Some are on wheels to make moving from place to place easier, and some can be tilted to direct air flow to specific spots. These styles of fans are ideal for strong air circulation in commercial and industrial facilities. Drum fans will help to create safe conditions for your employee’s while increasing efficiency.
Used TPI Industrial 42" Barrel Fans
Used TPI Industrial 42" Barrel Fans
  • TPI Industrial
  • 42" Diameter
  • Single Phase

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Circulating air is important to improve the quality of your warehouses working environment. Poor air quality can cause severe concerns for employees and have an adverse effect on their overall productivity. Good ventilation in warehouses is important for eliminating or reducing pollutants while regulating humidity, protecting the health and wellbeing of your facilities workers. Appropriate air circulation removes smoke, hazardous fumes, and pollutants from the air before they build up to unsafe concentrations. Regulating moisture in such settings also protects against overheating, mold buildup, and product deprivation.

Industrial barrel fans are a fantastic solution for beating the heat in your warehouse or facility. Fans help to balance temperature and reduce moisture in a warehouse. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars daily to keep your warehouse air conditioned, barrel fans offer a far more economical means of temperature control. While they are designed for cooling down large areas quickly, barrel fans can also be used to dry wet spots rapidly, and to keep sediment out of the air at work sites.

Larger barrel fans are equipped with wheels and handles to make maneuvering them to different areas simple and quick. When buying used from American Surplus you can shop with confidence. Every used industrial barrel fan that leaves our warehouse is inspected and tested prior to shipping to ensure that only the highest quality used equipment makes its way to our customers. Contact a member of our sales staff today to learn which industrial barrel fan is the right fit to your operation. We also have pedestal fans, wall-mounted fans, and air cannons to keep your warehouse cool.


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