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May 9, 2022

The loading dock is one of the busiest areas of your warehouse. Dock equipment help facilities maximize productivity while ensuring the process of loading and unloading items from truck and trailers is done correctly. Maintain the safety and efficacy of work by upgrading your dock equipment. If you're looking to increase efficiency and productivity, you’ll also need to focus on the safety of your crew. Accidents can decrease morale, lead to unnecessary downtime, impact costs, and lower loading dock productivity. We’ll look at five ways you can prevent common workplace hazards and encourage safety and efficiency.

warehouse loading dock
warehouse loading dock
warehouse loading dock
warehouse loading dock
warehouse loading dock



Install dock doors and dock levelers

Choosing the right dock equipment can help improve overall productivity. Reliable dock doors and dock levelers ensure easier access and reduced deficiencies. Some products at American Surplus can get you in and out of the loading dock faster. Our dock doors prevent runoff and keep traction. Our dock levelers sit on the ground and raise up to the truck's height for higher capacity.

Take advantage of technology

There are technologies that can help impact the safety of loading and unloading. With sensors, you can monitor activity in your facility and help fill in for areas where communication is sparse. Sensors can remove blind spots so employees can see what’s coming in and out. Other technology includes Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This technology allows you to track individual pallets and shipments so you know what’s coming in. It also has the ability to check shipment statuses and ensure the proper freight is on the truck, so paperwork is avoided.

Have the right loading/unloading equipment

Having smart loading dock equipment can make or break operations and processes. Upgrades are easier and less costly over time with how much you save in productivity and less time spent loading. We offer dock plates, dock boards, yard ramps, high-speed doors, and more!

Take preventative measures

Safety is a priority, especially in a high-traffic area like the loading dock. Prevent accidents and falls by checking OSHA guidelines as well as installing additional loading dock safety equipment. We can help you find the additional loading dock support you need.

Train your employees

With proper training and experience, employees are much more likely to succeed. Maybe an employee is doing something in a way that can be achieved in less time. Training helps cut costs and boost efficiency. Processes are slowed when other employees need to train new ones on operating machinery. Avoid this with comprehensive and compulsory training updated annually.

For over 30 years, American Surplus Inc. has been assisting warehouses, shipping, and distribution facilities create efficient loading docks. Our 530,000 square foot facility is your one-stop-shop for all your warehousing needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales associates will make sure you get the best price for all your material handling needs.