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New Rolling Ladders

New Rolling Ladders are a safe option for reaching product and materials on high shelves. They feature a sturdy, locking base and handrails on the steps and top platform to ensure safety. These safety features are considerably safer than other types of ladders. The top platforms come in various depths depending on your needs. Rolling ladders are perfect for stock and maintenance rooms. They ship unassembled but are easy to put together. Rolling ladders from ASI are very easy to transport around the warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility. The wheels on these ladders offer perfect mobility giving workers greater freedom to move. This will save valuable time because workers do not have to take down, relocate, and set up this style of ladders again. Businesses will ultimately see an increase in the productivity of workers. Talk to our sales team about finding the perfect size ladder for your business. Note: A Cal-OSHA Kit must be ordered at time of purchase if shipping to the state of California to be OSHA compliant. New Rolling Ladders have the following features: various sizes & capacities available, Slip Resistant Perforated Steps, Swivel Casters, Foot Pedal Break Release, Rubber Feet Grip Floor and handrails for user safety.

New Rolling Ladders
New Rolling Ladders
  • 1 to 15 Step Rolling Ladders
  • 24" wide preforated steps
  • 14" or 21" deep top step
  • Ships From Manufacturer

Available Combo Deals

There are many advantages to having rolling ladders in your warehouse or storage facility. While a folding ladder can be easily bumped, shook, or otherwise lose its stability, rolling ladders are specifically designed to not tip when in use or while being moved. Also, unlike extension ladders, rolling ladders do not require a wall to lean against, therefore reducing the chance that it will slip and fall. Handrails on most models add additional security to each ladder, preventing falls and expensive accidents. These types of ladders are easy to transport throughout a warehouse offering great mobility and saving valuable time. Greater freedom to move saves valuable time because workers do not have to take down, relocate, and set up this style of ladders again ultimately increasing the productivity of workers.

The Safety Benefits of Rolling Ladders:

  • Larger Steps
  • Minimize Risk of Slipping
  • Minimize Risk of Tripping 
  • Fitted with Safety Hand Railings
  • Sturdy Structure
  • Slip Resistant Perforated Steps
  • Swivel Casters
  • Various Sizes & Capacities Available
  • Foot Pedal Break Release
  • Rubber Fee Grip Floor

Rolling ladders are available in multiple styles and with various safety features to prevent any injury to yourself or your employees. American Surplus Inc. has both standard rolling ladders and tilt-and-roll ladders. A standard rolling ladder has four wheels and can easily roll anywhere around your warehouse or facility. Most 3-6 step ladders are even narrow enough to fit through a standard door frame, so maneuverability is never an issue.

Rolling ladders require some safety mechanisms to prevent them from rolling around while in use. Two types of safety measures you will see are step locks and flip-down bottom step locks. A traditional step lock automatically prevents the ladder from moving while in use just by stepping on it. The two casters under the first step recede with the added weight and two rubber stoppers contact the floor keeping you snug in place until your weight is removed from the ladder.

A flip-down step lock is similar, however, to engage the lock you must flip the first step down from a vertical position. To disengage the lock, there is a foot pedal which must be depressed, allowing the wheel locks to spring back so the ladder can then be moved.

Tilt-and-roll ladders do not require the need for a step lock, as they only have two wheels. In place of the second set of wheels, the front of the ladder is fixed with two rubber stoppers which keep the ladder in place. To move the ladder to a new position, simply tilt it back and roll forward to the designated spot. Most rolling ladders will come equipped with guardrails to make ascending and descending even easier, and some even have a worktable at the top step for added functionality.

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