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Used Case Erectors

An often-overlooked aspect of a shipping department is just how long it takes to assemble boxes and packaging before items are ready to leave your warehouse. Folding and taping cardboard boxes together is tedious and time consuming, and in high-volume shipping operations, this can cause bottlenecking which can lead to unnecessary shipping delays. American Surplus Inc. has used case erectors in stock to take your shipping department to the next level. Fully automate almost every part of your shipping line by integrating a case erector with a case packer and a case sealer to fully optimize efficiency. There are many advantages to case erectors. They reduce shipping damages, increase productivity, as well as decrease strain and potential injury to employees. With a smarter use of labor resources, you’ll be able to increase output leading to a reduction in any backlog.

Used Loveshaw Little David CF30 Case Former / Erector
Used Loveshaw Little David CF30 Case Former / Erector
  • Bottom Taper Included
  • 10 Cases Per Minute
  • Accepts 1-1/2" to 2" tape

Available Combo Deals

A used case erector from ASI can save you thousands of dollars in labor costs every year by reducing the amount of time it takes to assemble boxes. When cases are erected by hand a lot of time and money is wasted, and at the same time the quality of your cases could be at risk. A case erector will increase productivity since they can assemble a folded cardboard box in as little as 1-7 seconds depending on the model, which is anywhere from 3x-20x faster than an employee can assemble a box by hand. Aside from increased productivity case erectors can also reduce strain and injury on your workers.

Case erectors, sometimes called case formers, operate by feeding flat, folded cardboard boxes vertically where a set of arms folds and positions the box to the correct configuration before proceeding to a mechanism which utilizes packaging tape to seal the bottom of the box perfectly every time. Some case erectors are even designed to accurately assemble recycled boxes, which can help save you even more money.

In a high-volume shipping environment, a case erector can pay for itself within its first month of operation by reducing labor for box assembly exponentially, especially when used in conjunction with case packers and sealers. Case erectors can cost tens of thousands of dollars when purchased new, but at American Surplus, we can offer you a high quality, tested and inspected used case erector for 40% - 60% less than when purchasing new.

All used case erectors come with a 30-day guarantee to ensure that you are receiving the best used equipment possible. Contact a member of our sales team to learn more about our current inventory of used case erectors, as well as our full selection of used packaging equipment.