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Used Attached Lid Containers

Used Finger Lid Totes for Sale at American Surplus

Attached lid containers are perfect for shipping and storing product.  Unlike other plastic bins with removable lids, attached lid containers feature two interlocking lids to create a tight, secure closure, ensuring that their contents do not become dislodged during shipping. These containers are made with heavy duty plastics to make a durable container with hinged lids. Attached lid containers stack and nest to save space, making them the most popular tote used by distribution centers and pharmaceuticals. ASI has used attached lid containers in stock with rapidly changing inventory due to their popularity. Used attached lid containers are lightweight and are 100% recyclable.

Used Attached Lid Containers
Used Attached Lid Containers
  • Lightweight and are 100% recyclable
  • Made of durable high-density plastic
  • Reusable for shipping product in distribution centers

Available Combo Deals

Attached lid containers (also known as finger lid totes) are made from high-density plastic resins that are easy to clean and able to resist rust, most chemicals, and solvents. The attached lids mean the containers are sealed protecting all the contents within. These attached lid containers are cost-effective with a long-lasting durable design that will allow you to reuse them for years. This reusable shipping product can be found in distribution centers, order picking, and storage. Attached lid totes stack and nest to facilitate their effectiveness. Designed to stack together for ease in pallet loading.

Features include: All plastic hinges, 100% recyclable, tie holes on both ends for security, easy to clean, and resists corrosion. Used attached lid containers are an especially good value because they have a long life cycle and cost over 50% less than new totes.

American Surplus sells used attached lid containers in numerous sizes and styles from manufacturers like Orbis, Lewis, Akromils, and more. Attached lid totes typically cost well over $20 dollars each, but most of our attached lid containers are available for $10 or less, providing you a savings of 50% or more! Contact a member of our sales team for more details on our current inventory of attached lid containers and any other totes or bins.