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Benefits of Buying a Used Steel Mezzanine

September 14, 2017

American Surplus custom designs used mezzanine systems using CAD drawings to suit your specific needs. Some of the benefits of a custom designed used mezzanine from ASI include:

Cost Effective – Warehouse mezzanines are one of the most cost-effective ways to maximize storage space or add additional office spaces to your warehouse or storage facility. This is much less expensive than building a structure from scratch or relocating to a new facility with the extra space. Relocating would require payment of rent or purchase of additional space, and additional property tax. Not only are you able to stay in your existing space, but you are able to cost effectively maximize the space you currently have.

Reconfigurable – Our used industrial mezzanines are reconfigured using CAD drawings, so it can be built to your exact specifications based on your available space and needs. We will fit the used mezzanine to your existing available warehouse or storage space and can work with you to pick the best options to maximize that space.

Additional Options – Used mezzanines have many styles of flooring to choose from based on your weight requirements, including plywood, open plank, bar grating, B deck, and diamond plated. You also have the option of adding mezzanine stairs or a mezzanine ladder for safe and easy access to the mezzanine floor. Used mezzanine catwalks, gates, and hand railings can also be included in your warehouse mezzanine system for additional safety of your workers.

Movable – Mezzanines are considered semi-permanent because they act as a permanent structure due to their strength but can also be broken down and relocated when needed. This is ideal for the constantly changing warehouse environment because the mezzanine can be moved within the building or even taken off-site to another facility.

Expandable – Mezzanines can be added to and expanded without taking the existing structure down. As your business expands, so can your mezzanine for additional storage, offices, and more.

Climate Control – Industrial mezzanine systems are almost always installed in your existing facility, so it takes advantage of your existing heating and cooling systems.

On Site Installation – On site installation of used mezzanine from our technicians is fast, efficient, and reliable. Installation can be completed in as little as one day depending on the size and complexity of the mezzanine. This allows for operations at your facility to continue to run smoothly with little interruption from construction.

Why Buy Used? This might be the first thing you ask yourself, and the only obvious answer is that it saves you money, but this may lead to other more concerning questions. Is a used warehouse mezzanine system just as safe as new one? The answer is yes. You will never compromise the safety of your workers and equipment when buying used from ASI because that is our top priority. We personally and currently use mezzanines that we acquired used to structure our own facility, including our new office space. Every used industrial mezzanine is in good working condition, so yes, you will save money, and no, you will not compromise the safety of your workers or equipment. Call today for a free quote and CAD drawing of a used mezzanine.