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Used Conveyor Scales

Conveyor scales, or checkweighers, are designed to weigh cartons, bins, etc., during the conveying process. These are more convenient than in-ground scales and help to increase output and productivity in a warehouse. Conveyor scales are reliable and will help your business operations save on time and money that’s generally spent on redundant operations. There are numerous advantages of incorporating a conveyor scale with your conveyor system. Conveyor scales will allow you to manage and monitor your production efficiency. High-speed conveyor scales are an automated machine perfect for checking the weight rapidly while products are still in motion. Conveyor scales are useful for various applications including labeling, quality control, sortation, and shipping. Most scales and in-motion checkweighers can be easily interfaced with labeling machines to speed up your production.

Used Inline Conveyor Scale
Used Inline Conveyor Scale
  • Product checkweighing
  • Box weigh and label line
  • Efficient weighing system
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About Conveyor Scales

Conveyor scales are a type of weighing system that are used to accurately measure the weight of products or materials as they move along a conveyor belt. These scales are widely used in many industries, including manufacturing, mining, and logistics, as they provide an efficient and automated way to measure large quantities of products or materials.

The use of conveyor scales offers some benefits. Firstly, they provide accurate and reliable measurements, which can help to ensure that products or materials are weighed correctly, and that the correct amount is being produced or shipped. Secondly, they offer an automated solution, reducing the need for manual weighing or counting, which can save time and improve efficiency. Finally, conveyor scales can be integrated with other systems, such as barcode scanners or inventory management software, to provide a comprehensive solution for tracking and managing products or materials.

There are several different styles of conveyor scale which all operate in different ways and for different purposes. The two major distinctions to be made is the difference between a traditional conveyor scale and a checkweigher.

The most significant difference between these two pieces of equipment is what each does with the data it collects. A traditional conveyor scale simply collects the weights of the items being conveyed through it. This data can then be sent to a different piece of equipment to take an action.

A checkweigher will not only weigh the items being conveyed through it, but it will also compare the weights to your preset weight standards and then allow an action to be taken, such as stopping the conveyor or allowing any items with discrepancies to be diverted.

Conveyor scales can be an invaluable asset to any conveyor system, no matter the size. With a used conveyor scale or checkweigher from American Surplus, you can maximize your efficiency by avoiding the need to individually weigh items for quality control or shipping. We even have a selection of label makers to fully integrate the whole process. Speak with a member of our sales team to learn more about our current selection of conveyor scales, as well as our full array of conveyor accessories.

Conveyor scales are a vital component of many industries, providing an efficient and accurate way to measure products and materials as they move along a conveyor belt. With a range of different types of conveyor scales available, businesses can choose the system that best meets their specific needs and requirements.

Advantages of Used Conveyor Scales

There are a few advantages to buying used conveyor scales, including:

  • Cost savings: Used conveyor scales are typically much cheaper than new ones. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that are just starting out or those that need to replace multiple scales at once.
  • Availability: Used conveyor scales are often readily available, and can be purchased quickly to meet the needs of the business. This can be especially helpful in industries where production needs to be increased quickly to meet demand.
  • Proven reliability: Many used conveyor scales have been in service for years, and their performance and reliability have been proven over time. This can give business owners confidence that the equipment will perform as expected and reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns or downtime.
  • Reduced lead time: When purchasing new conveyor scales, there may be a significant lead time for delivery and installation. Used conveyor scales are typically available immediately, allowing businesses to start using them right away.
  • Environmentally friendly: By buying used conveyor scales, businesses are helping to reduce waste and prevent equipment from ending up in landfills. This can be an environmentally friendly choice for businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint.

In summary, there are several advantages to buying used conveyor scales, including cost savings, availability, proven reliability, reduced lead time, and environmental benefits. However, it is important to carefully evaluate the condition of the equipment before purchasing to ensure that it is in good working order and meets the needs of the business.