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Forklift Safety in Warehouse

June 13, 2022

A safe work environment is a key to providing a happy more productive place for employees and staff. It’s estimated by OSHA that 110,000 forklift-related injuries occur every year at U.S. job sites. These numbers can be significantly reduced with adherence to safety laws and regulations and staying educated on all thing’s safety.

Forklift accidents cost businesses up to $135,000,000 every year. This is a hefty price to pay in cash and most importantly, human life. Thanks to the proper training though, up to 70% of accidents can be avoided. We’ll go over the importance of training and what it entails.

We’ll also go over how supervisors can contribute to increased safety measures, and how hiring the right people can reduce your risk of employee injury. Staying safe in the workplace isn’t just good for your reputation and your profit margin, it’s a matter of survival.

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The Importance of Training

Training breeds competence. It can also instill a safety-first mindset into employees so that they’re engineered and encouraged to think safety forward. Training is best when it’s accessible, frequent, high quality, and up-to-date with trends.

A comprehensive and easy-to-understand employee training program is critical to the success and health of the organization. The best operators can act as trainers. This active teacher method is great because it utilizes their first-hand experience to apply theory to practice. Train-the-trainer programs are great ways to get operators equipped to teach. It can also give them the necessary skills to conduct inspections and workshops on the floor.

Supervisor Contribution To Safety

Supervisors are there to encourage and lead their teams. When they consistently share positive feedback with the operators, they’re ensuring that the operators will repeat this good behavior and will also increase morale. Training for supervisors is also highly recommended to ensure safe-operating habits and reduce the possibility of more extensive training in the future.

By becoming active in the safety culture and pointing out certain hindrances to safety on the floor, the supervisor can really affect the longevity of their employees. By relying on their training, they can come equipped to work with a subconscious grasp of what to focus on and watch out for.

Staying up to date with equipment and understanding the new trends of technology are both great ways supervisors can increase the safety of the workplace. Educating their employees and operators on the updated equipment and technology is a great way to become more aware of workflow.

Rule enforcement will also become easier to accomplish and spot as supervisors acknowledge the importance of safety measures.

Hiring Competent Operators

It’s important to hire competent operators. Evaluation of experience, training, and background is necessary to ensure that a person is right for the job. A competent operator is someone who can show up and do the work with a positive attitude and high attention to detail so they can easily spot safety issues. They must have regard for the safety of the team and be naturally prone to speak up or take the lead when safety is threatened.

Be Safe

Forklift safety is best accomplished with the proper training for supervisors and operators, as well as including solid hiring practices and constantly evaluating the proper safety measures.

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