New Wire Decks

Wire decking is comprised of high strength steel mesh that is supported by steel channels, and is designed in order to prevent pallets or other items from falling through a pallet racking system. Depending on the design you choose, those channels will sit either directly on top of the beams, or they will rest in the steps of the beams. ASI carries several styles of wire decking, including flared wire decking, flush wire decking, and step wire decking. Wire mesh provides several benefits when compared to other types of decking. Its open design allows light to pass through each level of pallet racking, increasing overall visibility in your warehouse. The wire mesh also reduces your risk of fire damage as it allows sprinkler water to pass between levels.

New Wire Decks
New Wire Decks
  • 36", 42" and 48" Deep
  • 46", 52" and 58" Wide Options
  • Custom Sizes Available

Available Combo Deals

Wire decking is designed to be utilized with pallet racking, as it provides a surface to place partial cases and open cases without the risk of materials falling. Wire decking provides more uniform load support when compared to the pallet support bars. They allow light through the racking, which will save you on additional lighting being required. 

It also allows for the dirt and dust to fall to the ground instead of getting stuck in the racking. This is also useful in case of a fire, because the sprinklers mounted on the ceiling will not be blocked by the racking and will be able to reach the ground. Local fire codes may actually require wire decking to be used when pallet racking is set up indoors.

Wire decking is maintenance free and simple to install. Wire decks simply drop into place and do not require any additional hardware to begin using. Talk with our sales team to find out which size and style wire decking is right for your pallet rack. If you are buying pallet rack as well from us, we will take care of all of that for you! If you are just buying replacement wire decks, we will ask you to fill out a spec sheet for your existing rack so we can provide the proper wire deck solution to you.

American Surplus ships new wire decks from the following states California, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Washington as well out of our warehouse in Rhode Island. Check with a salesperson for unbeatable pricing on new wire decks and great shipping discounts from a warehouse close to you.

If you are hoping to save even more money, be sure to check out our selection of used wire racking as well! ASI offers used equipment at least 40% off the price of new, and each piece is inspected by our staff before shipment to ensure quality.