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Worldwide Wire Mesh Decking

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  • Flared Channel & Step Channel Wire Decking Options
  • Made for providing additional safety for pallet rack
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • No tools needed for installation
  • Reinforcing pallets and their loads
  • Superior reliability compared to wood decking
  • Steel mesh design increases visibility of your inventory from all levels
  • Capable of withstanding the most challenging industrial environments
  • Provides strength and versatility for changing applications
  • Open wire mesh design grants for complete visibility for inventory checks, ventilation, and cleanliness
Step Channel Wire Decks

Step Channel Wire Decks is commonly as a safety measure on selective pallet rack with roll formed step beams. Wire mesh decking allows for easier identification of product located on upper levels. The u-shaped channel supports are used to position and support the load. The waterfall type wire decking extends over and down the beam.

Flared Channel Wire Decks

Flared channel wire decks are ideal for structural channel beams and/or box beams due to their universal design. They are also compatible with standard step beams. These wire decks are compatible with most manufacturers and are easy to install.

Worldwide Welded Wire Mesh Decking are intended to provide extra safety for rack applications throughout a warehouse. Wire mesh decking is a common choice that will improve the safety and effectiveness of any warehouse storage solutions. By providing better visibility workers will be better able to identify materials while improving the loading and unloading process.

Unlike alternative solutions wire deck does not need to be cut to fit on a pallet rack. Its pre-cut dimensions make for a quick and easy installation. Wire mesh decking allows for full visibility and ventilation, which makes it more manageable to clean and maintain. Unlike alternative decking options, wire mesh decking is designed so that dirt and dust won’t build up.

The wire mesh design improves airflow making it ideal for storing temperature and moisture-sensitive materials. They also help increase the effectiveness of overhead sprinklers, letting water fall through the mesh holes in case of fire.

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