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Used Bulk Containers

Bulk containers are reusable and stackable for easy storage. These containers can be stacked six high when in use, and are collapsible using snap-lock latches. Forklifts can easily pick up bulk containers from any side. The design of bulk containers make them ideal for transporting goods between a manufacturer, supplier, and/or customer. Used collapsible bulk containers are easy to clean because of their collapsible design. Call ASI today to learn about the many sizes we have in stock.

Used Collapsible Bulk Containers
Used Collapsible Bulk Containers
  • 48"L x 45"W x 34"H
  • 4-Way Forklift Access
  • Collapsible and Stackable

Available Combo Deals

Bulk containers are designed and constructed to efficiently move, store, and ship automotive, appliance, and transportation equipment components. With weight capacities from 1,500 to 2,000 pounds, they are ideal for all types of product loads. These containers, available in multiple heights, are based on the 45” x 48” footprint and are offered in a variety of medium-duty and heavy-duty styles to meet a wide variety of application needs.

Bulk containers are basic to any industrial operation because they turn your shelving, racking, and floor space into a well-organized storage system. Essentially, your materials and inventory are stored in some sort of container to safely and efficiently function during in-process operations and for shipping/receiving.

Plastic collapsible bulk containers usually have an access door to allow product picking and viewing during in-process storage and are ready for shipment when filled. Stackable containers are known as ship-and-return boxes that allow easy return after delivery.

Plastic bulk container tubs are available in various sizes to meet your operational needs. Solid plastic containers provide storage for material better suited for your special in-process needs. They are stackable and able to be moved with a forklift.

Used containers have a long life cycle and provides added value when purchased at up to 50% off the price of new. Call and speak with one of our storage technicians to review our inventory of new and used bulk containers. Call 800-876-3736.