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How to Prepare Your Warehouse for the Holiday Season

November 21, 2022

The holiday season presents a significant business opportunity, with numerous corporations making a considerable portion of their yearly sales during this period. With the holiday season quickly approaching, is your warehouse ready for the influx of inventory, shipments, and returns that the season brings? For many warehouses, the holiday months of November and December are the busiest months of the year. A warehouse’s performance during the holiday season can make or break a business’s operation for the whole year. As your warehouse prepares to handle its busiest part of the calendar, consider the following ways to get ready. Although this can be the most profitable time of the year, it can also be one of the most stressful. In this blog you’ll learn some tips to help businesses prepare for the holidays.

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Assess Warehouse Layout

The layout of a warehouse can make or break its ability to operate efficiently. The storage facility needs to be effectively utilizing space, have a clear inventory placement, and clear traffic flow. This means it’s important to analyze the shipping and receiving zones as well as inventory stock areas. A functional warehouse layout design is essential to be able to provide easy access to stored inventory, reduce travel time, and enhance order fulfillment rates. Mistakes in warehouse setups lead to the sluggish movement of rapid-selling things while slowing down the order fulfillment process.

Improve Storage Capacity

During the holiday season, many warehouses need to look at their inventory to see what they’ll need more of, if any. Many warehouses start stocking for the holidays as soon as September or October. Once you’ve projected the inventory you’ll need for the upcoming holidays, it’s important to make sure there is room for all this incoming seasonal stock. It’s important to make sure workers know where the inventory needs to go and is located. Sometimes warehouses and distribution centers aren’t operating to its maximum capacity. Warehouses need to be sure to utilize their vertical space with pallet racking or bulk shelving for palletized loads. Also, be sure that these palletized loads are being palletized with like or same material. Lastly, to improve the storage capacity of a warehouse, make sure that your facility is effectively utilizing aisle space.

This will help to improve the entire process of receiving, storing, picking, packing, and shipping products. Because of this a business will have a better ability to fulfill customer orders in an accurate and productive way. By fulfilling customer orders efficiently, you will help to improve seasonal sales, increasing a business’s bottom line.

Be Proactive in making Service & Repair to Equipment

Any unexpected downtime in the warehouse that could create a backup in the operation of receiving, storing, picking, packing, and shipping products. Although preventative maintenance should be conducted throughout the year on a regular basis, it’s important to make sure necessary equipment is properly operating before the peak of the holiday season.

The Right Equipment

For businesses involved in holiday picking and distributing it’s important to have equipment that will help you with the influx of the peak holiday season. With innovative material handling equipment, it’s worthwhile to consider any additional equipment you might need to operate effectively.

Keep a Clean & Organized Environment

Productivity can significantly be hindered when having a messy, disorganized work setting. As you approach the peak holiday season period, execute a work environment audit to recognize opportunities to improve cleanliness and organization. Workstations can present a significant chance to boost efficiency. When employees can easily access, locate, and move throughout the work environment they’ll be able to operate more efficiently.

For over 30 years, American Surplus Inc. has been working with customers to create the best operations to fulfill all of a businesses holiday season needs. Call one of our knowledgable sales associates today!