Used Pallet Rack Decking

pallet rack decking

American Surplus has a massive inventory of used decking for your pallet rack. Pallet rack decking will lower the risk of falling goods or materials, stop the fall of poorly arranged pallets, and permits the use of lighter pallets or non-conforming materials that might not fit in pallet racks. We can work with you to determine what type of decking is best for your storage needs based on the product you are storing and the size of your racking. Whether you are looking for basic wire decking or popular brands such as SnapShelf and Punch Deck, we can get you the decking you want at up to 60 percent off retail prices. Call one of our knowledgeable sales associates today at (800)876-3736.

Used Wire Decking
  • Drops into Place
  • No Tools Needed
  • Pallet Rack Decking
  • Increase Fire Safety
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Used Open Rack Decking
  • Shelves more than 50% open
  • SnapShelf and Punch Deck in stock
  • Variety of Styles
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About Pallet Rack Decking

Pallet rack decking is a means of increasing the safety of your storage unit by creating a flat surface for your pallets to sit on. This not only prevents items from falling between the beams of your racks, but also increases the load capacity of your rack.

Wire rack decking comes in a variety of styles, such as wire decking, and open decking. These types of decking are perfect for anybody who is looking to increase fire safety in their warehouse. Both open and wire decking by allowing sprinkler water to pass between levels, reducing the risk of fire spreading throughout your facility.

Pallet Rack Decking Comparison Table

American Surplus can help you save on decking with our large supply of used decking. We have a massive inventory of wire decking in various styles and dimensions. We also have a large supply of open rack decking from popular brands such as SnapShelf and Punch Deck.

With over 30 years of experience, American Surplus Inc. has built a trusted reputation for exceeding customers' material handling needs. American Surplus Inc. works earnestly to match each customer with the specific new or used material handling equipment they require. Offering the most competitive prices on the market today puts American Surplus Inc. among the top retailers in the nation for new and used material handling products.