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Used Wide Span Shelving


Used Wide Span Shelving for Sale

  • Also known as bulk shelving, this shelving is a hand stacking solution for storing medium to heavy loads.
  • Ideal for loads considered too small for pallet rack or cantilever rack.
  • Allows for easy access to non-palletized items.
  • Best suited for storing boxes, bins, and small crates.
  • Easily reconfigured to fit changing needs in a facility.
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Used Penco Wide Span Shelving
Used Penco Wide Span Shelving
  • Designed for Bulk Storage
  • 4-8 Level Configurations
  • Boltless Design for Easy Assembly
  • Available at 30"-48"D
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Used Teardrop Wide Span Storage Racks - 48" Deep
Used Teardrop Wide Span Storage Racks - 48" Deep
  • Maximize Storage
  • Quick & Easy Install
  • More Economical
  • Easy to Maintain
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Used Scotch Bulk Storage Racks - 48" Deep
Used Scotch Bulk Storage Racks - 48" Deep
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Ample Storage Space
  • Visibility and Accessibility
  • Optimize Space
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Used Buckley Bulk Storage Rack - 26" Deep
Used Buckley Bulk Storage Rack - 26" Deep
  • Ideal Bulk Storage Solution
  • Decking Included with Order
  • Quick & Easy Assembly
  • Hand-Load Bulk Material
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Used Lyon Bulk Storage Rack -18” Deep
Used Lyon Bulk Storage Rack -18” Deep
  • Withstand Heavy Use
  • Long-Lasting Durability
  • Easy to Assemble & Install
  • Reliable Storage Solution
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Used Lyon Bulk Storage Rack -36” Deep
Used Lyon Bulk Storage Rack -36” Deep
  • Capacity: 1,650 lbs. Per Level
  • Durable Construction
  • Optimize Storage Space
  • Quick Assembly & Installation
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Advantages of Wide Span Shelving

Increased Storage Capacity

Wide span shelving is designed to accomodate bulky or oversized items that may not fit on traditional shelving systems. Wide span shelving offers a higher storage capacity versus standard metal shelving or boltless shelving, and is great for storing large or heavy unpalletized loads such as boxes, containers, tools, equipment, and more.

Durability & Stability

Wide span shelving is constructed from heavy duty steel to ensure a long lasting, reliable storage solution for your facility. Wide span shelving is designed to withstand heavier loads than standard shelving without worrying about wear or damage over time. Metal shelves as opposed to wire decking or particle board make wide span shelving an even more durable choice.

Quick & Easy Assembly

Wide span shelving features a boltless, fastener free design that makes installation easy. The components typically snap or lock into place, making it simple to put together and adjust without special tools or expertise. This can save time and effort during installation, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.


Wide Span shelving is often more affordable compared to higher capacity storage systems such as pallet racking, making it a great budget-friendly alternative when more capacity is needed than standard shelving provides. The simple design and ease of assembly can reduce labor costs during installation, and the absence of bolts or other fasteners can lower material costs. This makes wide span shelving a cost-effective storage solution for various applications.

Applications of Wide Span Shelving

Warehouse and Distribution Centers

Wide span shelving is commonly used in warehouses and distribution centers for storing large and bulky items, such as boxes, cartons, tools, equipment, and spare parts. It provides efficient storage for items that may not be suitable for pallet racking, but still require organized and accessible storage at a greater capacity than standard shelving provides.

Automotive and Auto Parts Storage

Wide span shelving is often used in automotive related applications for storing auto parts, tools, hardware, and automotive accessories. The increased capacity vs. standard metal shelving & easy-to-clean steel shelves make it an ideal storage solution for auto shops, collision centers, and car dealerships.

Retail Stores

Wide span can be used in retail stores for backroom storage of merchandise, such as electronics, car parts, and other heavier retail products. Its adjustable shelf heights and versatility allow for flexible display configurations, and its durability makes it suitable for commercial use in busy retail environments. For higher-capacity or palletized backroom storage, one may consider Used Pallet Racking as an alternative.

Sports & Recreation Facilities

Wide span shelving can be used in sports clubs, recreation facilities, and fitness centers for storing sports equipment, recreational gear, and other supplies. It offers an organized, accessible, easy-to-clean storage option that caters to bulky, unusual loads such as lacrosse sticks, baseball bats, pool toys, and more. For secureable storage intended for personal belongings, consider ASI's inventory of Used Lockers.

Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities

Wide span shelving is commonly used in manufacturing and production facilities for bulk storage of raw materials, work-in-progress (WIP), finished goods, and other production-related items where accessibility without lift equipment and high capacities are requirements.

Workshops & Garages

Wide span shelving is great for workshops and garages where heavy tools, hardware, and supplies need to be stored in a durable, organized manner.

Great For Storing...

  • Packaged & Loose Merchandise
  • Bulky Lawn & Gardening Supplies
  • Large, Heavy Boxed Products
  • Heavy Tools & Equipment
  • Automotive Parts & Accessories
  • Sports & Recreation Equipment
  • ...and More!

Manufacturers of Wide Span Shelving We Carry

American Surplus Carries Lyon Wide Span Shelving American Surplus Carries Hallowell Wide Span Shelving American Surplus Quantum Storage Carries Wide Span Shelving American Surplus Carries Interlake/Mecalux Wide Span Shelving American Surplus Carries Penco Wide Span Shelving American Surplus Carries Schafer Wide Span Shelving
ASI Carries...
  • Triboro Shelving
  • Lyon Shelving
  • Schafer Shelving
  • Rousseau Metal Inc.
  • Hallowell Shelving
  • Quantum Storage Systems
  • Penco Shelving Products
  • Interlake Mecalux
  • And Many More!

Other Common Names for Wide Span Shelving

  • Long Span Shelving
  • Bulk Storage Shelving
  • Heavy Duty Shelving
  • High Capacity Shelving
  • Industrial Shelving
  • Racking Systems
  • Bulk Storage Racks
  • Warehouse Shelving

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What To Consider Before Buying Used Wide Span Shelving

What Type of Storage Do You Need?

Before investing in your wide span shelving system, you should carefully consider the following:

  • Available Footprint: Assess your facility's dimensions including wall heights, available floor space, and obstructions such as columns or sprinkler systems that may affect shelf placement. Knowing these details in advances helps streamline the system design process and is crucial to calculating the number of shelves that will comfortably fit in your area.
  • Type of Products Being Stored: Consider the products you wish to store in your shelving system. How large are they? How much do they weigh? Wide span shelving is most appropriate for medium to heavy non-palletized loads. Our team of material handling specialists can help guide you to the appropriate system for your storage application.
  • Throughput & Accessibility: How frequently are you accessing your shelving system? Wide span shelving offers reasonably high visibility and accessibility of stored product, making it easy to identify, pick, and store high-turnover product without obstruction. For low-turnover inventory or facilities using FIFO or LIFO inventory control, more efficient storage solutions may be a worthwhile consideration.

What Is Your Budget?

Budget constraints are a central part of buying a material handling system. Fortunately, wide span shelving is an affordable storage option. When planning your system, you should consider the following:

  • Service Life:High quality, durable steel wide span shelving is designed for long-lasting service life. ASI sources minimally damaged wide span shelving to ensure that a used wide span shelving system lasts for years to come.
  • Installation & Maintenance Costs: Wide span shelving is an easy-to-install storage solution requiring no tools beyond a mallet to setup, making upfront installation costs low. Installation is so simple, you can even install it yourself! With no moving parts and a durable steel construction, widespan shelving is among the affordable storage systems to maintain long-term.
  • Tax Incentives: Equipment such as wide span shelving purchased at American Surplus may qualify your business to claim the Section 179 Deduction, helping you save even more money at tax time. You should account for these savings when seeking out price quotes from various dealerships.
  • Unbeatable ASI Savings: At ASI, you get the same high-quality material you'd get from the manufacturer with none of the lead team and up to 60% off MSRP. Purchasing material handling equipment from a used supplier like American Surplus can help make your next wide span shelving system more affordable.

About Wide Span Shelving

Wide span shelving is one of the most versatile shelving solutions for warehouses. Shelving like this is quick and easy to assemble causing little disruption to a facility’s overall operations. Aside from being extremely versatile, wide span shelving is also durable for almost any type of environment. This built to last shelving solution will help to improve your warehouses safety, productivity, and organization.

For bulk storage of materials wide span shelving is the most affordable shelving solution for hand loaded items. Besides warehouses this shelving is typically seen in backroom or storeroom storage. Designed for the manual storage of products in bulk, this system combines the benefits of pallet racks and industrial shelving in one hybrid solution.

This shelving solution is a space efficient storage solution that will help businesses to keep their facility organized. A warehouse will be able to maximize your floor space by using a facilities unused vertical height. Its open design allows you to be able to quickly identify items being stored for maximum productivity.

Wide span shelving has a modular construction that allows a single unit to stand alone or permit for future expansion based on your storage needs. This makes them perfect for businesses that are looking to grow and expand, but not wanting to commit to a more permanent storage solution. This long-lasting shelving is constructed of all-steel providing strength and rigidity for years to come.

One of the key features of wide span shelving is its ability to span long distances, allowing for ample storage space. The shelves are typically made of heavy-duty materials, such as steel, which ensures durability and strength to withstand heavy loads. The shelves are usually adjustable in height, allowing for flexibility in organizing items of varying sizes.

In conclusion, wide span shelving is a reliable and efficient storage solution for heavy, bulky, and large items. Its durability, flexibility, and accessibility make it a popular choice for various industries and applications where efficient organization and storage of large items are required.

What Size Shelving Should I Order?

The shelving size you'll need varies depending on what you're storing and how often you'll be accessing the material.

What's The Difference Between Racking and Wide Span Shelving?

The main difference between racking and shelving is that shelving is intended for products that will be loaded and picked by hand. A racking system, on the other hand, is usually much larger and intended for palletized loads to be picked by a lift operator.

Can Wide Span Shelving Be Used Outdoors?

Wide span shelving is typically designed for indoor use and shouldn't be used in outdoor or harsh environments, as exposure to the elements over time can cause premature corrosion and damage to the shelving. That being said, some manufacturers offer specialized wide span shelving systems designed for use outdoors with features such as galvanized coatings or corrosion-resistant materials.

What Is Wide Span Shelving Used For?

Wide span shelving is used for hand-loaded storage of medium-to-heavy products, goods, materials, and equipment. It provides a higher capacity than comparable metal shelving, while being a more affordable choice than traditional pallet racking.

Are There Any Safety Considerations For Wide Span Shelving?

Safety is important when using wide span shelving. It is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper assembly, weight limits, and load distribution. Overloading shelves or using them for purposes beyond their intended design can compromise safety. It's also important to ensure proper installation on a level floor and secure attachment to walls or other support structures, as well as follow proper material handling practices when loading and unloading items from the shelves.

How Do I Choose The Right Shelving For My Needs?

Selecting the right wide span shelving system depends on factors such as the specific items to be stored, available space, weight capacity requirements, and budget considerations. It's important to carefully assess your storage needs, consult with manufacturers or storage experts, and consider factors such as weight capacity, dimensions, adjustability. Our team of material handling specialists will help ensure you're choosing the right storage system for your needs with a free consultation.