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Your Guide to Buying Used Steel Shelving

August 8, 2017

Steel shelving is ideal for hand loading small inventory items, parts, tools, etc. There are several other terms for steel shelving, we also call it warehouse shelving and industrial shelving. When purchasing shelving for your warehouse, there are certain factors to consider and questions to ask yourself.

How much space do you have for steel shelving?

How heavy is the material you are trying to store?

What size is the material you are trying to store?

How much material are you trying to store on steel shelving?

What layout can your warehouse accommodate?

Do you need installation or do you have a crew to install the shelving?

You may be able to answer these questions, which is a big help for our salesmen to be able to accurately quote a job for you. If you do not know the answers, you can consult with your warehouse team and get back to us or a member of our sales team can come out and visit your facility to provide insight and recommendations for your warehouse. If needed, we will also provide a complimentary CAD layout of your warehouse and a CAD drawing of what our steel shelving system would look like in your warehouse.

Determining what size steel shelving to buy is based on the size and quantity of material you are trying to store, and how much space you have to store the product. We stock a variety of shelving sizes to provide the best fit for your application. Once you have determined a size and layout for your shelving, we will take care of the rest. Our team will pick the material for your order, package material so it arrives in good condition at your warehouse, and provide installation instructions unless you prefer we take care of the installation.

Used steel shelving is an affordable way to organize your warehouse and become more efficient. If you are investing in tall used shelving, it might be a good idea to shop for a used rolling ladder as well, or used warehouse carts. These items make picking products easier and faster. If you are looking to store pallets, you should browse our inventory of used pallet rack. Used rivet rack shelving is another alternative to used shelving and features wood decking. If you are unsure which product is right for you, just consult our sales team; they are here for you!