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Used Shelving for Sale

American Surplus Inc. has a large assortment of warehouse shelving, also known as industrial shelving, in various styles and designs. If you do not want to pay full price on warehouse shelving and are looking for used industrial shelves, then look no further! You will always save 40% - 60% off retail prices by purchasing used shelving from American Surplus. We have used metal shelving, wood deck shelving, wire shelving, and build shelf supported mezzanines. With varying heights and number of shelves, industrial shelving offers a few advantages for warehouses and storage facilities. Industrial shelving is versatile in the way that it comes in many styles and can be used to store an assortment of items. Space in warehouses is critical, and industrial shelving can utilize the space of any facility in an efficient manner. Usually depending on the make of the shelving units are often easy to assemble and shouldn’t cause any delay in your workflow. Warehouse shelving is truly the most affordable long-term solution for cost-effectively utilizing the space in your business’s facility.

Used Metal Shelving
  •  6' to 16' tall shelving posts
  • Easy to assemble
  • 18 & 20 gauge steel
  • Nationwide Shipping
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Used Wire Shelving
  • Multiple Finish Available
  • Excellent Shelf Capacity
  • Easily Reconfigure
  • Quick Installation
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Used Wide Span Shelving
  • Long-Lasting Reliability
  • Store Items in Bulk
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • For Manual Item Storage
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Used Boltless Shelving
  • Affordable Shelving Solution
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • No hardware required
  • Save 40% - 60% Off New
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Used Shelf Supported Mezzanines
  • Parts department mezzanine
  • Doubles storage space
  • Shelving & Structure
  • In-Stock, Order Today
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For warehouse facilities with high storage capacity needs, industrial strength shelving is an economical solution. Industrial warehouse shelving is an excellent alternative to racking that provides many advantages. Over time this warehouse shelving will have an impact on your business’ revenue, while providing you with the additional space you need without emptying the bank. Another great benefit of industrial warehouse shelving is flexible and can be customized to suit your facilities individual needs.

We currently have over 10,000 bays of used steel shelving in stock. Used shelving systems are available in clip or nut and bolt styles. Our second-hand industrial shelving specialists are here to help you determine the proper style needed for your specific application. We offer nationwide shipping and quantity discounts are available.

American Surplus Inc. has been selling used shelving and warehouse racking for over 30 years. We enjoy working with our customers to provide solutions to any of their material handling needs. American Surplus stocks a range of used shelving from every major manufacturer in our 530,000 Sq. ft. indoor warehouse. Call (800)876-3736 today to receive a free quote for your industrial shelving needs and do not forget to ask about our bulk rates.

We Buy Used Industrial Shelving

ASI Buys Used Industrial Shelving

Are you moving or liquidating your facility and looking to sell your used industrial wharehouse shelving? American Surplus Inc. can help! Learn more about our industrial shelving purchasing program online or call our sales office at (800)876-3736 to get started.

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Let ASI Handle Your Industrial Shelving Installation

Used Industrial Shelving Installation

At American Surplus, we do more than just sell you a used industrial shelving. We also take care of the installation process so you do not have to risk doing it yourself. Save time and money by calling ASI today! We will ensure your used industrial shelving systems are assembled in a safe and timely manner.

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How to Choose a Warehouse Shelving System

When determining the type of shelving system your warehouse facility needs, it is important to first consider what type of product you are storing. Used shelving is typically used for individual items or boxes, whereas pallet racks are used for products loaded onto pallets. Used shelving comes in many different styles, including enclosed, nut and bolt, modular, wire, clip, and record storage. ASI offers all of it used at discounted prices, and we have a huge selection from which to choose.

Used steel shelving should be considered for storing heavy inventory items because they have the highest weight capacity and the shelf heights are adjustable to accommodate different product sizes. Steel shelving comes in different styles, including open or closed, and clip style or nut and bolt. Open style used shelving allows for product visibility, which makes inventory spot checking very quick and efficient.

Closed style used shelving protects products from falling off shelves and is great for keeping small parts organized and separated. Doors can be added to shelving for added security as well as additional features, including dividers and shelf boxes. In addition to side walls, we also offer back walls for the shelving so that two rows can be placed back to back. This helps save on aisle space, making storage denser.

Used Shelving Assembly

The two ways that used shelving is typically assembled is nut and bolt, and clip. Used nut and bolt shelving is the most secure; it takes longer to install than used clip shelving, but also has a higher weight capacity. Used clip shelving uses clips to secure each shelf to the uprights, which is still very sturdy, but not as sturdy as nut and bolt. Clip shelving is easy to install and can be done so very quickly.

There are a lot of options to choose from when purchasing used shelving for your material handling facility. ASI’s dedicated sales team will work with you to determine the right style of shelving system for your specific needs. ASI will help you save money when buying quality used warehouse equipment, so please give us a call today!

Used Shelving Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use shelving to support a warehouse mezzanine?
A: Yes, single or multiple level mezzanines can be built with shelving.

Q: Will ASI provide a shelving layout?
A: Yes, ASI shelving technicians will work with you to produce a layout and assembly instructions.

Q: Can I get shelving in colors other than gray?
A: ASI has no control over the color when purchasing used shelving, however in many cases our inventory includes beige and gray.

Q: What types of used shelving does ASI sell?
A: We sell all types of industrial shelving including open, enclosed, metal, wood, reel, record storage, and wire.

Q: How quickly can I get my used shelving order filled?
A: It depends on the size of the order and our current production schedule. Your salesperson will include the estimated lead time on your quote.

Q: What brands of used shelving does American Surplus have available?
We carry used shelving from the following popular manufacturers:

  • Triboro Shelving
  • Lyons Shelving
  • Schaffer Shelving
  • Edsal Shelving
  • Steel King Shelving
  • Republic Shelving
  • Durham Shelving
  • Metal Ware Shelving
  • Tennsco Shelving
  • Equipto Shelving
  • Global Steel Shelving
  • Penco Shelving
  • Andrew Wilson Shelving
  • Borroughs Shelving
  Steel Standard Shelving Galvanized Chrome Enclosed Welded Frame Commercial Record Storage
Typical Application All-purpose standard and heavy-duty storage High Humidity, unheated storage of solvents, oily, or greasy parts Commercial or industrial for cleanliness and sprinkler access Heavy-duty storage of tool room supplies Heavy-duty storage of industrial records or industrial storage Commercial office, light industrial storage Commercial, industrial storage of record boxes
Shelf Construction Steel 18 & 20 gauge painted Steel 18 & 20 gauge galvanized Welded Wire, chrome zinc plated galvanized Steel 18 & 20 gauge painted Clip on steel beam P/B, wire or metal shelf Steel beam with P/B, wire or metal shelf Steel beam with P/B, wire or metal shelf
Upright Construction Angle post, offset angle, t-post Angle post, offset angle, t-post Round or square Angle post, offset angle, t-post All welded frames w/ horizontal beams Single or double rivet Single or double rivet
Adjustability 1-1/2" Centers 1-1/2" Centers 1" Centers 1-1/2" Centers 2" Centers 1-1/2" Centers 1-1/2" Centers

Other Names for Warehouse Shelving/Industrial Shelving:

  • Industrial Shelving
  • Steel Shelving
  • Closed Steel Shelving
  • Open Steel Shelving
  • Wire Racks
  • Bulk Storage Racks
  • Widespan Racks
  • Rivet Shelving
  • Rivet Boltless Shelving
  • Deep Rivet Rack
  • Open Industrial Shelving
  • Pallet Racks
  • Warehouse Shelving
  • Shelving Systems
  • Commercial Shelving
  • Heavy Duty Shelving
  • Metal Shelving
  • Wood Deck Shelving
  • Boltless Wide Span Storage Rack
  • Steel Clip Shelving
  • Closed Industrial Shelving
  • Record Storage Shelving 

Let ASI Handle Your Industrial Shelving Installation