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The Advantages of Inplant Offices

May 19, 2022

Modular offices, also known as in-plant offices, are great ways to have an office close to the heart of productivity without spending too much or building off-site. Administrative staff can be close to operations and yet be separate from the noise and work conditions. Inplant offices are great alternatives to expand the warehouse space and utilize the extra room.

Another plus to in-plant offices is that you don’t have to spend time and money constructing a whole new office site. Modular offices are easy to build and take a matter of weeks as opposed to months. For this reason and many more, our customers highly value in-plant offices and all they can offer.

Here are some of the benefits of an in-plant office and why you should consider one for your warehouse:

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Economical Solution

With conventional offices, there are large upfront costs and ones that creep up later on. With in-plant offices, this doesn’t have to be a concern. In-plant offices are portable and ready to be installed within weeks. Inplant offices are a cost-effective way to add additional space without the expenses associated with relocating or moving your entire operations. No need to lease a new property or build onto an existing facility. Another economical advantage of installing an inplant office is that building permits are not needed to start construction and other common expenses such as taxes, inspections, and architectural design. If you outgrow your facility, you won’t need to pay for extra property somewhere else, because the modular office can be taken down or put up easily.

Quick and Painless Installation

The walls and floors of modules are already pre-fabricated and pre-built, so there’s no need to go out and buy new ones. Aside from its readiness to be installed, modular offices help warehouse managers avoid the building permit process. This saves time and money that’s usually required for acquiring a building permit. For this reason, a smaller amount time is needed to construct in-plant offices than it does to construct an entirely new office using traditional construction methods. You’re in-plant office can be up and running within a few days resulting in little downtime and interference. Because modular offices are pre-fabricated including being outfitted with electrical sockets, this allows for the office to be expanded, reduced or relocated as you so desire.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Based on whatever your preferences are, panel offices can be customized to fit your desired aesthetic. Panels can be shipped to your warehouse and used immediately. Whatever your preferences, you can add window or door panels, A/C units, and have panels pre-wired for electricity. With the option for air conditioning, you can modify the temperature to keep employees comfortable. It’s a known fact that when employees are comfortable, they are more productive. Structures can also be made to fit two to dozens of employees. The style of the office allows for flexibility in size as well. Your facility needs to change over time and the inplant office can change with it.

Enhanced Productivity

In a technologically enhanced work environment, office needs evolve over time and in-plant offices are adaptable. Based on work function, office space can be changed to reflect the needs of the team. Creative in-plant offices lend themselves to greater rates of productivity and higher employee satisfaction. A modular office setting expands the possibilities for collaboration, socialization, and idea building. Inplant offices are a great way to connect different members of the team in a non-hierarchical structure which can enhance learning, growth, and teamwork.

Inplant offices are a great way to connect your team, increase productivity, lower costs, save space and time, and reflect the design layout of your warehouse. Consider an inplant office if you’re looking to save time and money and scale your business.

For over 30 years, American Surplus Inc. has been working with customers to create the ideal inplant office. Our 530,000 square foot facility is your one-stop-shop for all your material handling needs. Start customizing your inplant office by calling one of ASI’s experienced and knowledgeable sales associates today!


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