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Used High-Volume Low-Speed Fan

used warehouse ceiling fans

Used high-volume low-speed fans (HVLS), also known as warehouse ceiling fans or industrial ceiling fans, guarantee quality air control and create a comfortable working environment for employees. These industrial fans help to regulate moisture levels and humidity, this helps to reduce the risk of mold and rust from forming on a facilities inventory, products, and equipment. Having good ventilation and maintaining proper airflow in a warehouse will also help with the overall well-being of employees. When working conditions favorable, workers will be more productive and can help to increase output of your facility. Warehouse ceiling fans can also help decrease the cost of energy bills by regulating the temperature throughout the facility. Poor air quality inside a warehouse can cause dust buildup and get inside equipment, which can cause components to break or overheat. This may make you halt output and put your companies’ daily operations at serious risk.

Used Go Fan Yourself Z-Tech HVLS Ceiling Fans
Used Go Fan Yourself Z-Tech HVLS Ceiling Fans
  • Improve Productivity
  • Prevent Moisture Buildup
  • Lower Energy Costs

Available Combo Deals

High-volume low-speed fans (HVLS) also create safer working conditions for warehouse employees. Since most warehouses aren’t air conditioned, facilities can reach unsafe temperatures during the summer months. These unsafe levels of heat put employees at risk of overheating or heat stroke. By creating a comfortable working environment you’ll boost employee productivity, enhance morale and loyalty.

With proper ventilation these industrial ceiling fans assist to get rid of smoke, dust, odors, and pollutants before developing into unsafe levels. High-volume low-speed fans (HVLS) also help to control the humidity inside a warehouse setting protecting against mold buildup, inventory degradation, equipment, and overheating.

High-volume low-speed fans (HVLS) will not only increase the wellness of employees, improve productivity, and better natural ventilation, but these fans will also reduce overall heating and cooling costs. This can help facilities supervisors achieve their key priorities, as it is to keep everything operating efficiently and safeguarding the environment so that it’s right for the inventory, equipment, and personnel.

Why buy used? Most people these days are skeptical when they see a big price saving when buying used. All used warehouse ceiling fans are cleaned, inspected, and tested prior to being packaged and shipped.

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