Why Do I Need A Permit For A Used Mezzanine?

Authored by Pat McAssey
September 9, 2019

First and foremost, your town wants to make sure your design has been approved by a licensed engineer. This gives them with a sense of assurance that your facility will be safe for workers. Not to mention, you're providing your local government with some much needed revenue to fund necessary operations.

Not all towns request permits for warehouse mezzanines, however, those located in regions of heavy seismic activity typically require them. In addition, some landlords demand you get a permit regardless of whether it's mandated by the town.

Earthquake Problem?

ASI sells used mezzanine work platforms with enhanced steel components for use in areas of heavy seismic activity.

Whatever your situation may be, it's best practice to get a permit. Unfortunately, the approval process can sometimes be a hassle. Officials often assume you're requesting a permit for a permanent mezzanine -- such as the balcony in a theater -- which must adhere to IBC codes. However, mezzanine work platforms, such as pallet rack mezzanine, shelf supported mezzanine, and steel mezzanine, must be OSHA complient.

Lucky for you, American Surplus can take care of everything you need to get a permit for a used mezzanine in all 50 states.

ASI will provide permit officials with everything from concept drawings to engineering designs to ensure that you receive the correct permit for your used mezzanine work platform.

Used Steel Mezzanine
Used Steel Mezzanine