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Used Pallet Positioners


Used Pallet Positioners for Sale

  • Pallet positioners make loading and unloading pallets safer, faster, and easier.
  • Used to adjust pallets to a desired work height, minimizing employee stretching, bending, and straining.
  • Significantly decreases workplace injury and will help to provide a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Turntable top allows the load to be rotated, eliminating the need for workers to walk around and turn the product.
  • All pallet positioners are inspected and tested before shipment.
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Used Presto P3 Operator Controlled Load Levelers
Used Presto P3 Operator Controlled Load Levelers
  • Ergonomic Turntable For Loads Up to 2,000 Lbs.
  • Includes Optional Solid Turntable & Scissor Skirting
  • Only 4 In Stock; Order Today!
  • [LE-0112]
Used Southworth PalletPal Pallet Positioners
Used Southworth PalletPal Pallet Positioners
  • Self-Adjusting
  • Pneumatic
  • Supports up to 4,500 lbs.
  • Out of Stock
Southworth PalletPal Automatic Spring Level Loaders
Southworth PalletPal Automatic Spring Level Loaders
  • Load/Unload Pallets
  • Capacity of 4,500 lbs.
  • Increase Productivity
  • Out of Stock
Used Bishamon EZ-45 Pallet Positioners
Used Bishamon EZ-45 Pallet Positioners
  • Air-Actuated, Self-Leveling
  • Capacity Up To 4,500 lbs.
  • EZ-Adjust Knob Controls Cap.
  • Out of Stock
Used Presto P3 Pneumatic Pallet Positioner
Used Presto P3 Pneumatic Pallet Positioner
  • Reduced Risk of Injury
  • Capacity Up To 4,500 lbs.
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Out of Stock

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About Pallet Positioner

Pallet positioners are a great way to increase efficiency when assembling or unpacking pallet loads. Pallet positioners lift and lower pallets to the proper height for workers in manual loading/unloading applications to and from warehouse carts, bins and totes, shelving, or wherever. It prevents workers from bending, reaching, and straining, by keeping the product at the most appropriate height as they work.

Pallet positioners make loading/unloading pallets at loading docks, shipping, packaging, workbenches, conveyor, and picking areas easier and efficient. They also have a rotating ring, so the pallet can be easily rotated, bringing the product to you instead of going to the product. This saves time while also reducing the strain on the worker. By reducing the strain and movement on employees one will see less worker fatigue in operators. Therefore, operators can work at a more sustainable and effective pace.

Pallet positioners are an essential piece of equipment in many warehouses and manufacturing facilities. They provide a safe and efficient way to lift, position, and transport heavy loads, reducing the risk of workplace injuries and improving productivity. Pallet positioners are available in a variety of sizes and weight capacities, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. They can be used to handle a variety of loads and can be customized with various features and options to meet the specific needs of a facility.

One of the key benefits of using a pallet positioner is improved ergonomics for warehouse workers. Manual lifting and positioning of heavy loads can put a strain on the body and lead to musculoskeletal disorders. Pallet positioners can help reduce the need for manual lifting, allowing workers to perform their tasks with less physical strain and fatigue. This can lead to fewer workplace injuries, reduced worker compensation costs, and improved worker morale.

Another benefit of using a pallet positioner is reduced product damage. When handling heavy loads manually, there is a risk of dropping or mishandling the load, which can lead to damage or breakage of the product. Pallet positioners provide a secure and stable platform for lifting and positioning loads, reducing the risk of damage during transport. This can help companies save money on damaged products and reduce waste, as well as improve customer satisfaction by delivering products in good condition.

American Surplus can provide both used and new pallet positioners. Our used products are in good working condition, and have been tested and inspected prior to shipment to ensure your satisfaction. If we do not have exactly what you are looking for in used, we can provide you a quote on the new equipment. We will still provide you with the most competitive rates in the industry, so please give us a call today.

Advantages of Pallet Positioner

Pallet positioners provide numerous benefits to various industries and warehouse operations. Here are some of the key advantages of using pallet positioners:

  • Ergonomics and Worker Safety: Pallet positioners improve worker safety and ergonomics by reducing the need for manual lifting and bending. They help prevent injuries and strain on employees by automatically adjusting the height of the pallet, ensuring the load is at an optimal working level.
  • Improved Efficiency: Pallet positioners enhance efficiency in material handling processes. By automatically adjusting the pallet's height, they eliminate the need for manual adjustments or the use of additional equipment, such as forklifts or scissor lifts. This streamlines operations, reduces downtime, and speeds loading and unloading times.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Pallet positioners are designed to accommodate various sizes and types of pallets, including standard pallets, custom-sized pallets, and even non-standard loads. This flexibility allows businesses to handle a wide range of products and adapt to changing demands or unique load requirements.
  • Load Stability: Pallet positioners help improve load stability by ensuring that the load is evenly distributed on the pallet. This reduces the risk of load shifts during transport, minimizes the chances of damage to goods, and enhances overall product safety.
  • Space Utilization: By automatically adjusting the height of the pallet, positioners enable efficient use of vertical space in warehouses or storage areas. This can be particularly beneficial in facilities with limited ceiling height or when stacking pallets to maximize storage capacity.
  • Cost Savings: Pallet positioners can lead to cost savings in several ways. By reducing the risk of workplace injuries, they help lower healthcare and workers' compensation costs. They also enhance productivity and reduce labor requirements, resulting in improved operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Versatility: Pallet positioners can be used in various industries, including manufacturing, distribution centers, retail, food processing, and more. They are suitable for different applications, such as loading and unloading trucks, assembly lines, order picking, and general material handling tasks.

Pallet Positioner Applications

Pallet positioners find applications in an extensive range of industries and material handling operations. Here are some common applications where pallet positioners are used:

  • Warehousing and Distribution Centers: Pallet positioners are extensively used in warehouses and distribution centers for various tasks, including loading and unloading trucks, stacking, and unstacking pallets, and order picking. They improve efficiency and worker safety in these high-volume operations.
  • Manufacturing and Assembly Lines: Pallet positioners are employed in manufacturing facilities and assembly lines to ensure that materials and components are at an optimal height for workers to perform their tasks. They help streamline production processes, reduce strain on workers, and enhance overall productivity.
  • Retail and Wholesale Operations: Pallet positioners play a crucial role in retail and wholesale operations, where palletized goods need to be efficiently handled. They facilitate the movement of products in and out of stores, distribution centers, and backrooms, ensuring that shelves are stocked appropriately, and products are easily accessible for customers.
  • Food Processing and Agriculture: Pallet positioners are commonly used in the food processing industry, such as in meat processing plants, dairy facilities, and fruit and vegetable packing operations. They assist in the safe and efficient handling of perishable goods, allowing for proper inspection, packaging, and loading onto pallets for transportation.
  • Beverage and Bottling Industry: In beverage production and bottling plants, pallet positioners are utilized to adjust pallet heights for smooth transfer of products between conveyor systems, filling stations, and packaging lines. They help maintain the integrity of bottled products while optimizing the workflow.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare: Pallet positioners find application in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, healthcare distribution centers, and hospital supply chains. They aid in the safe and ergonomic handling of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and supplies, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and maintaining product integrity.
  • Construction and Building Materials: Pallet positioners are used in the construction industry and building material supply chains to handle heavy and bulky items such as bricks, cement bags, lumber, and roofing materials. They help improve efficiency in loading and unloading trucks, reducing manual labor and the risk of injuries.

Pallet Positioner Manufacturers

  • Presto Lifts Inc.
  • Advance Lifts Inc.
  • Bishamon Industries Corporation
  • LoProfile Pallet Pal by Southworth
  • Eoslift USA Corporation
  • Vestil Manufacturing Corp.
  • Pentalift Equipment Corporation

Pallet Positioner are Also Known As

  • Pallet Leveler
  • Pallet Lift
  • Pallet Adjuster
  • Pallet Lifter
  • Pallet Elevator
  • Pallet Stabilizer
  • Pallet Height Adjuster
  • Pallet Handling Device
  • Pallet Loading Equipment
  • Pallet Tilting Device
  • Pallet Tilter
  • Pallet Inverter
  • Pallet Upender
  • Pallet Rotator
  • Pallet Flipping Machine

Pallet Positioner Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a pallet positioner, and how does it work?
A: A pallet positioner is a device used to lift and position pallets of varying sizes and weights. It typically consists of a platform or table that is mounted on scissor lifts or hydraulic cylinders, which can be controlled using buttons or foot pedals to raise or lower the platform to the desired height. The platform is designed to securely hold a pallet and can be adjusted to tilt or rotate the pallet to the desired angle or position.

Q: Are there safety considerations that need to be taken into account when using a pallet positioner?
A: Yes, there are several safety considerations that need to be taken into account when using a pallet positioner. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper use and maintenance, ensure that the weight capacity of the pallet positioner is not exceeded, and ensure that workers are properly trained in the safe operation of the equipment. It is also important to inspect the equipment regularly and address any issues or malfunctions promptly.

Q: What types of loads can be accommodated by pallet positioners?
A: Pallet positioners can accommodate a wide range of loads, including pallets of varying sizes and weights, bulk bags, containers, and other heavy items. They can be used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution.

Q: How do I choose the right pallet positioner for my specific application and needs?
A: Steel self-dumping hoppers come in various sizes and capacities to accommodate different material handling requirements. The sizes can range from small, portable hoppers with a few cubic yards of capacity to large, stationary hoppers capable of holding several cubic yards of materials. The specific sizes and capacities can vary among manufacturers and suppliers.

Q: How do you operate a steel self-dumping hopper?
A: When choosing a pallet positioner, it is important to consider factors such as the weight and size of the loads that will be handled, the required height and angle adjustments, and the available space and power supply in the facility. It is also important to consider the specific features and capabilities of the pallet positioner, such as tilt and rotation options, safety features, and ease of use. Consulting with a knowledgeable equipment supplier or manufacturer can help ensure that the right pallet positioner is selected for your specific application and needs.

Q: Can pallet positioners handle different types of loads?
A: Yes, pallet positioners are designed to handle various types of loads, including pallets of different sizes, weights, and shapes. They can be used for standard pallets as well as non-standard loads, allowing for versatility in material handling operations.