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Used Industrial Containers

Used industrial warehouse containers and hoppers are in stock at ASI. This industrial storage is great for organizing equipment, easily get rid of trash, and help increase productivity. Our inventory includes used self-dumping hoppers, steel hoppers, utility tilt hoppers, wire baskets, bulk containers, and more. Call for a same day quote and quantity discounts. American Surplus Inc. has a talented sales staff that will work with you to provide solutions to your material handling problems. They will help you before, during, and after the sale. We can ship nationwide because of our extremely competitive freight rates. Pricing is subject to change, and is dependent on the quantity desired, condition, and capacity required.

Used Wire Baskets
  • Lightweight, portable
  • Convenient drop gates
  • Clearly visible contents
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Used IBC Totes
  • Reusable liquid storage
  • Steel reinforced
  • Drain completely
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Used Bulk Containers
  • Long term reusable containers
  • No need to package items
  • Two fold down doors
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Used Basket Trucks
  • Ideal for laundry and mail
  • Move heavy loads with ease
  • Swivel casters
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Used Tilt Trucks
  • Transport Bulk Material
  • Durable Plastic
  • Easy to Clean
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Used Steel Self Dumping Hoppers
  • Handles All Load Types
  • Forklift Compatible
  • Welded Steel Construction
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Used hoppers from American Surplus are ideal for handling bulk products or waste. They are very useful at the end of assembly lines and are available in plastic or steel. They are also commonly referred to as tilt hoppers, steel trash hoppers, or utility hoppers. The steel trash hoppers have forklift pockets on the bottom for easy transport and dumping.

Used Bulk Containers are long term, reusable containers made of durable plastic that fold and break down for easy storage when not in use. They typically feature a drop gate on the side for easy picking. Our used wire baskets are similar to the bulk containers but are constructed of wire mesh. They are lightweight and portable, and can be picked up and moved with a forklift. They have convenient drop gates as well and allow for the contents of the basket to be clearly visible. We also offer new wire baskets made by WorldTainer.

American Surplus also sells used IBC totes, or IBC tanks, that are reusable containers for liquid storage. The totes are reinforced with steel bars for protection and are able to be completely drained. However, because they are used and we cannot verify their previous usages, we strictly sell "Non-Food Grade" used IBC totes.

We also sell used industrial hampers that are ideal for laundry or mail. They allow employees to move heavy loads very easily and are on casters. They come in two materials, vinyl or canvas, and a wide variety of sizes.

Used Industrial Containers Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are industrial containers?
A: Industrial containers are a kind of product aid for managing and storing bulk materials.

Q: What does IBC mean?
A: Intermediate bulk containers, also known as IBCs, are industrial-strength containers used to store or transport a range of liquids and solids safely.