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Reduce Your Warehouse Carbon Footprint

January 16, 2023

Whether you are a business owner or a forklift operator for a large warehouse, you might not think about the environmental impact of your business operations very often. However, with the effects of global climate change becoming more evident each year, it has never been more crucial to assess your warehouses’ carbon footprint. Aside from the higher operating costs of gas and diesel forklifts there are many other disadvantages such as less maneuverability, emission of toxic fumes, increased maintenance, restricted visibility, and finally a higher chance of injury.

Studies show that electric forklifts are less costly to manage and maintain compared to forklifts that require fuel to operate. A typical fuel forklift costs three to five times more to operate compared to electric forklifts. As fuel expenses increase, a business’s warehouse operation will see a huge rise in operating expenses leading to major profit losses over the years. Since electric forklifts run on batteries, warehouses will be able to easily recharge and reuse them. This will keep operating costs manageable so that they don’t eat away at one’s bottom line.

Electric Forklift



Electric forklifts have fewer moving parts that allow them to effectively carry out crucial warehouse duties. This makes it so they have lower maintenance costs. Longer maintenance intervals are made possible by avoiding the expenses associated with things like an engine, transmission, and a radiator that is found in standard fuel operated forklifts. Since forklifts need more regular maintenance, they increase downtime hindering warehouse productivity. Electric motors don’t demand costly specialty tools or a supply of replacement parts to keep running. They also don’t need special storage areas for fuel tanks for securely holding dangerous or combustible fuels. Instead, regular cleaning and battery service will be enough.

With global warming on the forefront of everyone’s minds lately, using a no emissions electric forklift can be very eco-friendly. Fuel run forklifts continuously emit harmful carbon monoxide and toxic exhaust that is not only harmful to the environment, but also your operators and nearby workers that breathe in these toxic fumes. By switching to an electric forklift, you’ll be able to decrease the emissions of fumes that are harmful to the environment and create a workspace that is healthy and safe for employees. Another benefit is that proper warehouse ventilation won’t be an obstacle since electrical forklifts don’t create any toxic fumes that pollute the working environment’s air quality.

To further reduce your warehouse’s carbon footprint when looking for replacement batteries think about choosing to buy used forklift batteries. This will help to lower the amount of pollution that comes from manufacturing new forklift batteries. Furthermore, buying used forklift batteries stops harmful chemicals from entering the natural environment and Earth’s atmosphere. Ultimately, since electric forklift batteries don’t depend on fuel ignition, they don’t release any harmful chemicals into the environment, which helps cut industrial air pollution. Your business will be able to save money and lower the carbon footprint of your warehouse today.

Here at American Surplus Inc., we’re very environmentally conscious and know how important it is to do what we can to decrease our environmental footprint. Not only do we sell electric forklifts, but we also sell used warehouse equipment that can be reused and repurposed at prices 40% - 60% less than the cost of buying new. By buying used warehouse equipment you also help to decrease the waste in landfills, bringing your environmentally conscious business to higher levels. Call us today at (800) 876-3736!