Used Mezzanines

Used mezzanines for sale at American Surplus are always sold at 40-60% off retail mezzanine prices! ASI stocks over 300,000 sq ft. of pre-engineered mezzanines. All mezzanine systems are nut & bolt assembly. Steel mezzanines can be installed in as little as one day. Call ASI today for a quick quote at (800) 876-3736!

Used Steel Mezzanines
  • Wildeck mezzanines
  • Perfect for leased spaces
  • Cogan mezzanines
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Used Pallet Rack Mezzanines
  • Rack supported mezzanine
  • Supported by rack uprights
  • Cheap mezzanines
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Used Shelf Supported Mezzanines
  • Parts department mezzanine
  • Doubles storage space
  • Shelving & Structure
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Used Mezzanine Flooring
  • Resin deck
  • Bar grate decking
  • Wood over b-decking
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Used Mezzanine Catwalks
  • Cogan catwalks
  • Provide safe access
  • Mezzanine walkways
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Used Mezzanine Gates
  • Roll mezzanine gate
  • Piovt mezzanine gate
  • Swing mezzanine gate
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Used Mezzanine Stairways
  • OSHA stairway
  • BOCA stairway
  • Ships ladders
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We Buy Used Mezzanine

American Surplus wants to buy your good quality used mezzanine. Our qualified staff will assist with tear-down, packaging, shipping anything you need help with from start to finish. ASI travels nationwide for quality used equipment. Click the button on the right to read more about our purchasing process!

 ASI stocks used mezzanines & surplus steel mezzanines indoors at our massive 530,000 sq ft warehouse. We carry every major manufacturer of industrial mezzanine. Whatever type of mezzanine you need, we have it! With over 25 years of businesses American Surplus has sold thousands of used mezzanines.

Need engineering calculations on your used mezzanine, we can arrange that also! Ask for a free site visit from one of our mezzanine specialists. We can also do a layout design of your next ASI steel mezzanine to help visualize the mezzanine. Call today for a free quote 800-876-3736

American Surplus stocks the following used mezzanine manufactures: Cogan Mezzanines, FS Industries Mezzanines,Burtman Mezzanines, Portafab Mezzanies, Wildeck Mezzanines, Steel King Mezzanines, Bluff Mezzanines, Cubic Design Mezzanines, SSI Mezzanines and Panel Built Inc. Mezzanines. What some people call mezzanines others may call them: Steel mezzanines, Free standing mezzanine, Prefab mezzanine system, Industrial platform, Free standing mezzanine kits, Modular mezzanine kits, Industrial mezzanine, Storage platforms, Industrial mezzanine systems or Warehouse platforms.

Used mezzanines are a cost efficient way of utilizing the unused vertical space within your storage facility. A used mezzanine allows for increased storage capacity without increasing the square footage of your property. Additional space would mean additional property tax, but a used mezzanine wouldn’t be considered additional space.

Used mezzanines can be altered for your specific warehouse facility. We layout your mezzanine with CAD drawings, ensuring that it is built correctly. Our professional sales team has sold many mezzanine systems in the past 25 years, and they will work with you to pick the most effective option for maximizing your storage space.

Mezzanines can also be expanded without starting from scratch, or building from bottom up. With the proper thought your mezzanine can grow with your business. ASI can install a used mezzanine or expand an existing one in as little as one day. This minimizes the amount of time the installation is disrupting daily activities within that facility.

As you can see above, there are many different styles of used mezzanines to choose from. Along with those options, there are also different types of flooring, stairs/ladders, railings, safety gates, and catwalks to choose from. Which of these you will utilize depends on your mezzanine, where it is located within your facility, and what it is being used for.

ASI currently utilizes several used mezzanines in our own storage facility in East Providence, RI. Our new office area is made of a used mezzanine with storage above, and we have another steel mezzanine for storage right next to one of our loading docks. As far as buying used material handling equipment goes, stick with ASI. We have been in the business of buying and selling quality used equipment for over 25 years, and our used mezzanines are inspected prior to shipment to ensure your satisfaction.

Rack-Supported Mezzanine - CAD Rendering
Shelf-Supported Mezzanine - CAD Rendering
Rack Supported Mezzanine - CAD Rendering

Mezzanine Hand Railing CAD Dawings

Conceptual handrail drawings or engineer-stamped drawings are available at ASI. Same-day conceptual mezzanine drafts are done at no charge. Call ASI Today!

Used Mezzanine Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best way to support my mezzanine?

  • Our team of specialists will be able to assist you in designing the most cost-effective way to support your mezzanine. Common solutions include structures created from a design containing a combination of: Beams, C- Section, Bar Joist, and Girder Joists. With our team of specialists we will be able to provide the best solution for your projects needs.

Can my slab support my mezzanine?

  • We do not evaluate the capabilities of your current slab. However we are able to get the loading information to an engineer of your choice to help determine wither your slab can support your mezzanine or if new footings are required.

How to determine the best decking option for me?

    We offer several decking options and below you will see some information about a variety of styles we offer:
  • Bar Grating - is strong and reliable while also allowing air and light to move through. Will your product be rolling on your mezzanine? This is something to consider as this option will add more resistance for carts and pallet jacks.
  • Floor/Diamond Plate - is very safe and durable which will be sure to last. Due to its steel nature it can handle the stress of rolling product and offers little resistance to pallet jakcs and carts.
  • Resin Deck - comes in a variety of different panels and finishes which are have different capacities. This floor is laid over a metal B-Deck and is typically the most worthwhile decking application.

What does PSF mean?

  • PSF is an abbreviation for Pounds per Square Foot and is used for the uniform load capacities and in this case your mezzanine. The standard design load is 125 PSF, but we are able to design a structure much stronger and capable of heavier loads. Design load is the load in PSF averaged over the entire surface rather than a single heavy area on the structure known as a point load. Knowing the difference is is essential when designing a safe mezzanine.

Is there a minimum clear height for my mezzanine?

  • The minimum clear under a mezzanine is usually at least 7'. This is also the same clear between the decking of the mezzanine and the ceiling. Items to take into account when determining the clear height include, lighting, sprinklers and other obstructions, as well as any other items a your jurisdiction evaluates.

Questions our sales team may go over with you:

  • What is the structure being used for?
  • What will be on top of the structure?
  • Will the material be moving regularly or just stored?
  • Is the area dry?
  • Will the top have an office?