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Used Forklift Attachments

Forklifts prove themselves to be an invaluable addition to every warehouse or material handling facility every single day. With all of the applications for which a forklift can be used, American Surplus stocks attachments that can help you do even more! We have a wide array of add-ons to your forklift including push/pull attachments, pallet lifters, clamps, blades, rotators, and lift cages. All of our used forklift attachments come with our 30-day American Surplus guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. ASI forklift accessories are inspected and tested before shipment.

Used Forklift Manlift Cages
Used Forklift Manlift Cages
  • Width: 36" 
  • Up to 67" High
  • Color: Safety Yellow
  • Safely Lift Workers

Available Combo Deals

You can increase productivity and efficiency by adding forklift attachments from American Surplus to your fleet of lift equipment. When dealing with non-palletized items such as boxes, bagged goods, or food items, adding a push/pull attachment to your forklifts can increase efficiency and reduce risk of damaging products. With the use of slip sheets, the load is pushed or pulled into place without the need of pallets.

Pallet lifters/crane attachments allow you to use the forks to lift up products using a crane hook, increasing the versatility of your forklifts. This attachment simply slips on over the forks and is affixed in place to prevent shifting of the product being lifted. Lift cages easily equip to your forklift to provide workers a platform to do maintenance, pick products, stock shelves, or anything else that may require extra height.

When you need to lift non-traditional items that are not palletized, things can get tricky. However, ASI has multiple specialty clamp attachments that can make things easier. We have clamps designed for boxes, cartons, paper, bales, and many other specialized items.

Forklift blades, or forks, are sold by American Surplus to be used either as replacements for broken or damaged forks, or as extensions if you are frequently dealing with irregularly sized inventory. Rotator attachments allow for 360 degree rotation of forklift forks allowing items to be dumped or tipped.

When buying forklift attachments, purchasing used from American Surplus Inc. is the way to go. Most used attachments will feature wear from use, but other than that, they have no defects. ASI will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on any piece of used warehouse or material handling equipment and every item is tested and inspected prior to shipping to ensure that only the best quality used inventory is sent to our customers. Contact a member of our sales team to learn about our current stock of used forklift attachments.