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How to Maximize Air Flow in Your Warehouse

June 17, 2021
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There are many reasons to be excited about the seasons changing, especially when it comes to warmer weather. But often, people don’t realize how the weather can affect the airflow in a warehouse. While it can be tricky, since every employee has their preference, there are ways to ensure your warehouse has proper ventilation and is a comfortable environment for people.

Having poor air quality in your warehouse can create many issues with the productivity of your employees and whether or not they even show up to work. With a range of studies to back up the connection of productivity and airflow in a warehouse, it’s always best to have a system that leave the majority satisfied.

Humidity During the Summer Months

For many warehouses, the warmer weather of summertime can create many issues steaming from humidity, making the working environment uncomfortable to be in. An excess of hot or cold air can result in poor air quality and stagnant air, and pollutants in the air. Too much humidity inside a warehouse can damage products, create mold and other bacteria, and decrease air quality.

With over 58% of employees reporting the air quality does matter to the point where good air quality is considered a “perk” in the Harvard Business Review survey, warehouse managers need to invest in the right industrial fans to create consistent airflow.

It’s also important to have the proper ventilation throughout the warehouse-like keeping some windows open along with portable fans so your employees stay comfortable while working and your products don’t go bad, specifically if your warehouse stores food. Make sure to also turn off any equipment at the end of the day so you allow the warehouse to cool off. You can also install a white roof to help with temperature control.

Pedestal Fans

Fans are Needed in the Winter Too!

While industrial fans are very helpful for temperature changes in the summer, they also help to create a more comfortable environment in the winter as well, especially in warehouse buildings that have high ceilings which cause air to get stagnant. This will also result in your HVAC working much harder to keep the warehouse warm, resulting in you wasting a great amount of money.

With the help of industrial fans or destratification fan, you can also work with the heat in your building to ensure that it doesn’t get trapped at the ceiling and evenly moves throughout the warehouse to keep everyone comfortably warm and your HVAC not over-working itself. It may also be helpful to invest in good installation to ensure that heat doesn’t escape from the warehouse during the day.


When dealing with equipment that produces fumes, it’s very important to find a way to create good ventilation so employees don’t get harmed. Portable fans with help with cleaning up the airflow to ensure that your employees are kept safe.

Overall, airflow should always be a top priority to ensure productivity and employee satisfaction as well as safety. Portable fans come in a variety of styles such as industrial barrel fans, air cannons, pedestal fans, and wall mount fans. Visit American Surplus today to explore your options. Whatever your needs are for your warehouse, American Surplus has high-quality warehouse solutions for your facilities needs. Call us today at (800) 876-3736 and our specialists will help you identify the best fan system for your warehouse.

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