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Used Zebra Label Printers

Zebra Label Printer

Zebra label printers, also known as industrial label printers, serve a wide array of functions useful to almost any modern business. Zebra Label Printers can be integrated with all the latest industry standard design software to allow you to fully customize not only shipping labels, but also barcodes, safety warnings, OSHA compliant labels, and much more. These printers are designed for harsh and demanding shipping environments.

Label printers typically operate in one of two ways, either direct thermal or thermal transfer. They are also available in several styles, which include thermal transfer, laser, color, ink jet, and RFID. American Surplus now stocks a selection of industrial label printers as we continue to evolve our inventory to best meet all our customers’ needs.

Used Zebra 110xi4 Shipping Label Printer
Used Zebra 110xi4 Shipping Label Printer
  • Prints up to 4" Wide
  • 14" / Second
  • 203 dpi
  • Limited Inventory
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Used Zebra 220xi4 Label Printer / Commercial Thermal Label Printer
Used Zebra 220xi4 Label Printer / Commercial Thermal Label Printer
  • Prints up to 8.5" Wide
  • 10" / Second
  • 203 dpi
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Label printers have come a long way in the last several years. In the past, label printers were used for simple organization, barcodes, and shipping, but with integration with new technologies, label printers can be used to make fully customized graphics and signs as well. Industrial label printers can be used with most common photo editing software to allow you to print almost anything you need. label printers can also be interfaced with dimensioning systems and conveyor scales to produce accurate shipping labels.

The most common industrial label printers operate through either direct thermal or thermal transfer. Direct thermal printers use heat sensitive paper to create images, and labels are relatively durable. Thermal transfer printers, on the other hand, use heat to print labels by transferring ink from ribbons to the labels. These labels are more durable, as they do not fade when exposed to heat or sunlight for long periods of time, as is typical of a direct thermal print. Labels from thermal printers are waterproof, however, and because of this are very useful for shipping and food storage labeling.

Several styles of industrial label printers are available in addition to thermal transfer printers. Laser printers, for example, offer more precise printing options allowing for higher-definition images at higher outputs. While laser printers tend to be more expensive, their increased speed and versatility make the cost worth it. Laser printers can print barcodes and even QR codes and offer greater customizing of sizes of individual labels.

Color label printers and ink jet printers offer similar versatility to laser printers but are not quite as fast. They are inexpensive to operate and offer high quality images as well. RFID label printers are much more specific in their design, in that they are equipped with RFID printing technology. This allows the printer to create tags which include RFID chips. This is useful for tracking inventory and is often used as an anti-theft device for retailers.

American Surplus Inc. has added industrial label printers to our inventory so that we can continue to be your one-stop shop for all warehouse and material handling needs. An industrial label printer is a great addition to your warehouse or shipping department, giving you the option to quickly print off shipping labels, warning labels, and other signs to increase speed and safety in all departments. Our used industrial label printers are all inspected and tested prior to shipping to ensure that you receive a high quality piece of equipment while saving 40-80% off the price of new at the same time!