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Used Strapping Machines

Strapping machines, or banding machines are adjustable height strappers ideal for any packaging department. By using these one will be able to greatly improve the productivity of your distribution center, shipping facility, or warehouse. Strapping machines are ideal for effectively wrapping small or large volume of materials. With increased speed and efficiency your facility will see a positive change to your overall operations. This will, in turn, improve your facilities overall profits as your output will increase. Another advantage is that it’ll free up the time of some of your warehouse workers, which gives them the ability to devote time and energy needed elsewhere. The used banding machines offered by ASI are available in automatic and semi-automatic, along with horizontal or vertical. Strapping machines save tape and time. They are portable and provide more consistent and secure packaging for shipment or storage. Used strapping machine manufacturers include POLYCHEM, Signode, Strapack, Mosc, and Orion.

Used Polychem's PC1000 Automatic Strapping Machine
Used Polychem's PC1000 Automatic Strapping Machine
  • Model: PC-1000
  • Load Capacity: 88 lbs.
  • Automatic
  • [PK-0081]
Used Polychem's SV5000C Automatic Strapping Machine
Used Polychem's SV5000C Automatic Strapping Machine
  • Model: SV5000C
  • Load Capacity: 66 - 110 lbs.
  • Automatic
  • [PK-0080]
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About Strapping Machine

How to pick the best strapping machine for your specific needs? Here are two questions to consider when picking the machine for your company: How automated do you want to be, and how fast do you want to strap? There are three main types of machines.

Semi-Automatic, also know as table top machines, are about the size of a small table. The operator wraps strap around the package, and the machine automatically tightens strap. Arch Strapping machines are more automated, but still require an operator to position the package and press an activation button (or foot switch) to start the strapping operation. With an arch machine, the strap travels around an “arch” creating a loop before activation. When the operator activates the strapping sequence, the strap tensions, heat seals, and pre-feeds the strap for the next cycle. Many arch machines can also be activated by a photocell or limit switch built into the top.

While these devices will automatically activate the cycle, the operator will still position the package for strapping and remove it when the cycle is completed. Arch size is critical with an arch machine, since package size is limited to what will fit under the arch. Arch machines are much faster than semi automatic machines, less operator dependent, and, of course, more expensive.

Fully Automatic machines are similar to arch machines. Fully automatic strappers have built in conveyor systems to carry your product through the strapping machinery, and are activated by an automated device, usually a photocell. Fully automatic machines do not require an operator. As with arch machines, they must be sized properly. The additional features on a fully automatic machine will drive the cost up, but saves on time and labor costs.

How Fast do you want to strap? There are three speeds: Semi 10-15 Straps per minute, Arch 30-70 Straps per minute and Automatic 40-80 per minute. The speed of the strapping should be picked based on the packaging volume. Smaller shipping and packaging operations can utilize semi-automatic or arch strapping machines successfully with a lower speed, while high-volume operations will thrive with the addition of a high-speed automatic strapping machine.

In conclusion, automatic strapping machines are essential tools for shipping and packaging companies that require a fast, efficient, and reliable strapping process. They provide a high level of safety and security for packages during transportation, while also reducing labor costs and improving efficiency. With their versatility, environmental benefits, and advanced features, automatic strapping machines are a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Ready to increase efficiency and reduce costs? Invest in a automatic strapping machines. All used strapping machines from American Surplus are tested and inspected prior to shipping to ensure that only the best quality used equipment leaves our warehouse. Contact a member of our sales team to learn more about our current inventory of used strapping machines, as well as our full inventory of used packaging equipment.

Strapping Machine Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is a strapping machine used for?
A: Strapping Machines are packaging machines that use bands of flat steel or tighten plastic around a package to secure the materials.

Q: What material is a the most common strapping machine material?
A: Polypropylene strap is the most used strapping material and is used in a wide variety of industries.

Q: What are the different types of strapping?
A: There are 3 main kinds of strapping: Plastic (Polypropylene) Strapping, Polyester/PET Strapping or Steel/Metal Strapping

Q: How do you use an automatic strapping machine?
A: With the tension set, simply place a piece on the machine and begin the strapping procedure with the touch of a button.