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Advantages Of Lift Tables and Pallet Positioners

September 7, 2021
Pallet Positioner

Running your warehouse effectively requires you to provide a safe and healthy working environment for your employees. And finding ways to increase their productivity while ensuring they’re able to do their job effectively and efficiently while not putting their health in jeopardy is an essential part of doing good business.

Two of the most essential pieces of equipment in your warehouse are lift tables and a pallet positioner. These are highly useful tools for creating seamless productivity while providing a workspace for your employees that doesn’t cause damage. This is because these two pieces of equipment ensure that they’re not bending over to lift heavy boxes or pallets themselves. Instead, they take the burden of the lifting literally off their hands.

Your warehouse equipment and tools experts at American Surplus wanted to take some time today to discuss the benefits that pallet lift tables and pallet positioners can have when used in your warehouse.

Enhanced Safety

By utilizing these pieces of equipment, you can provide a safer working environment for every employee. Lifting heavy objects can contribute to a great deal of on-the-job injuries in your warehouse, especially when you have employees constantly preparing orders for shipment. Or when you have employees working above the floor heights, for instance, on electrical work above. Lift tables allow you to raise heavy loads without putting a strain on your employees.


A pallet positioner in your warehouse is a great way to save money. This is because they are made of durable, high-quality material built to withstand heavy loads and will last a long time. So, while they may be expensive for up-front investment, the cost savings over time can be astronomical when you look at the ways they’re helping to enhance the safety in your warehouse. And the warehouse pros at American Surplus have a complete lineup of used, high-quality pallet positioners and pallet lift tables to help save on those upfront costs.

Increased Productivity

Using either a lift table or a pallet positioner in your warehouse, can drastically improve your warehouses overall productivity. They’re designed to speed up the process of production and movement within your warehouse. Because they’re built to lift heavy objects quickly and safely, you can have your employees focusing on other things than the heavy lifting. Depending on how you’re utilizing your lift table or pallet positioner, what used to take some specific tasks two days, can now be cut in half.

Easy to Move

Both a lift table and a pallet positioner are designed to be mobile. This means if you need some heavy lifting done or to work outside, you can simply wheel them outside of your warehouse and take advantage of their many benefits to simplify your workload outdoors.

Pallet Positioner
pallet positioner

If you’re looking for a simple solution to a heavy problem in your warehouse, both of these durable, high-quality pieces of equipment are incredible tools to have. The warehouse equipment professionals at American Surplus are here to help you get the right equipment to meet your needs and increase your productivity. Check out our lineup of used high-quality lift tables and pallet positioners today!

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