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Used Carpet Rack

Carpet racks are a secure and sturdy racking structure that holds carpet and other like products that are on rolls. They help to improve warehouse safety by securing products that may easily roll off other styles of racking. Carpet racks will help to increase productivity and efficiency of workers, so they don’t have to dig through piles of carpeting. Furthermore, they decrease the time needed to load and retrieve carpet rolls. Vertically designed, carpet rack is perfect for many applications. Decking options include particleboard, fiberboard or wood planks, and the racks are easy to load and unload with a forklift to reduce loading time. Used carpet rack manufacturers include Frazier, Interlake, Steel King, and Unarco. American Surplus stocks these brands along with Ridg-u-Rak and Mecalux . Design and installation of used carpet rack, by trained professionals, is available nationwide.

Used Carpet Racks
Used Carpet Racks
  • 10' w x 12' d x 8' - 20' h
  • 2" x 8" x 12' Wood
  • Starter bays and add-on bays

Available Combo Deals

Carpet roll racking systems are often composed of corrugated metal decking or wood, to add extra support for carpet rolls, flooring, vinyl rolls, and an assortment of other long products. Industrial roll/carpet storage rack is configured to allow lengthy cardboard or plastic cylinders or rolls of floor carpeting to be stored and retrieved quickly and efficiently in distribution centers. The three types of storage units are: pallet rack, cantilever rack, tier, or stack rack.

Carpet racks will help to increase warehouse safety and help to keep your warehouse organized so product is easy to find. Workers will be able to effectively find product so that they won’t be wasting time searching through piles of unorganized product and materials.

Pallet racking is ideal for roll storage because it can be lined up to create systems that are sufficiently long enough to store rolls up to over 20’ lengthwise. Levels of racking would contain either wood plank decking or sheets of particle board supported by metal or wood pallet supports. Rolls would be stored or picked with a boom attached to a forklift.

Cantilever rack provides quick and easy storage of rolls onto arms that can be spaced according to roll length and weight. Tier and stack rack provide storage for shorter rolls and easy to categorize for quick and easy inventory access. Call (800) 876-3736 and speak with one of our rack technicians about your options.