10-Points to Consider when Buying Material Handling Equipment

Authored by Bill DiMaio III
March 30, 2015

Survey says:

  1. Buy a standard brand that has been time tested and from a company with an excellent reputation.
  2. When I comparing products expect that the latest model with a higher price should have more and better features and benefits.
  3. Prefer to buy on sale whenever possible.
  4. They want to do business with companies that have a good reputation and are consistent with their services and high product quality.


Additional Concerns:

  1. In order to make the decision as to value of the latest product model, function features and benefits should be reviewed and compared to earlier models.
  2. In addition, care must be taken to choose a product that is not damaged. Repairing a damaged product will increase your purchase cost.
  3. Want to buy a product that provides good value during its life cycle before having to be replaced.
  4. Will spend too much for some features not needed when buying new.
  5. The frequency of product use must be included in your decision.
  6. How to plan for product replacement if purchasing new or used?


American Surplus sells standard brand quality used storage andmaterial handling equipment. Our products are purchased in most casesfrom large corporations that are either changing their distributionstrategies or moving to a new location. ASI keeps its prices low bybuying in very high volumes.

Most of the material handling industry products are made of steelthat if properly maintained has a very long useful life cycle. Speakwith one of our knowledgeable sales’ technicians who can speak to youabout the value you can expect from both new and used products.

Typically customers call us when they have a storage and/or amaterial handling problem. We don’t expect or plan on our customersknowing all the benefits and features of the various systemsavailable.    It’s our job to provide you the solutions, if needed, andsell you quality standard brand products at 45-65% of the price of new.Our company policies and our reputation over the last 23 years are thereasons we have so many repeat customers.

  • an industry “Lowest Price Guarantee”,
  • 30 day guarantee for a select group of equipment,
  • and a promise that you will be satisfied.

We encourage our customers to visit our headquarters and warehousesto review our inventory, see products demonstrated and speak with oursales technicians. And of course, all our services including CADdrawings are free of charge. Call (800-876-3736).