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WorldTainer Wire Baskets

Wire Baskets are an excellent bulk storage solution for a wide array of products around your facility! A durable welded wire mesh design with a rust-resistant finish provides a see-through container that will not wear or rust, while keeping the basket itself lightweight for easy handling. These industrial baskets allow for drainage and ventilation and keep items much safer than other containers. Each container is collapsible and can be stacked up to 10 high when collapsed, freeing up valuable floor space around your facility when not in use. Usually, industrial strength wire baskets are used in manufacturing facilities, industrial plants, distribution warehouses, and more. American Surplus has several sizes and styles of wire basket in stock to meet any of your storage needs.

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Used Collapsible Wire Baskets
Used Collapsible Wire Baskets
  • Collapsible
  • 42"W x 39"D x 40"H
  • Fold and Stack
Used Mini Wire Baskets - 20"x32"x22"
Used Mini Wire Baskets - 20"x32"x22"
  • Green and Economical
  • Half-Drop Front Gate
  • Collapsible and Stackable

Available Combo Deals

Wire baskets are relatively lightweight and allow ventilation and product visibility, making storage and inventory checks hassle free and preventing any water or debris buildup. Most wire baskets feature a standard half-drop gate in the front to remove products while stored and are durable to handle being maneuvered by lift equipment.

Wire baskets are available in two styles, non-collapsible and collapsible. Non-collapsible wire baskets, sometimes called rigid wire baskets, are for heavy-duty applications. They do not collapse or fold and can be stacked four to five baskets high when full. However, because of their heavier design, they can handle weight capacities exceeding 4,000 pounds. 

Collapsible wire baskets feature a lightweight design and are made to be able to collapse and fold to conserve space when not in use. They can also be stacked four to five baskets high when full and have a weight capacity up to 4,000 pounds. 

Used wire baskets from American Surplus are all inspected by our trained staff to ensure that the pre-owned product you are buying is in excellent condition before shipping. New wire baskets can cost hundreds of dollars, and ASI can offer you prices at 40-60% off when buying used. Contact a member of our sales team to learn more about our inventory of wire baskets and our full selection of used industrial containers.