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Benefit of Installing Industrial Warehouse Fans

June 2, 2021

Temperature control is extremely important to maintain a comfortable and healthy working environment in your warehouse. Industrial facilities usually experience hot and humid internal temperature that call for effective cooling and dehumidification throughout the day. Now, of course, you have air conditioners today to take care of temperature control. But, HVAC units are usually expensive and not all warehouse owners can afford them. However, industrial fans are a cost-effective way that will address your temperature control needs without costing you an arm or a leg. Today, we are going to turn our attention to the use of industrial warehouse fans. There are several benefits to installing heavy-duty industrial fans and industrial floor fans into your facility that should not be overlooked.

One of the primary pluses to warehouse fans is that they protect your inventory. There are myriads of goods that are kept in warehouses until they are sent to their purchaser. These items can include things like technology and electronics, machinery, or perishable/non-perishable food items. Protecting any item that is especially targeted for human or animal consumption is paramount.

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There are many types of fans such as barrel fans/drum fan, pedestal fans, wall-mounted fans, air cannons, and air curtains. Industrial fans keep inside air circulating freely around all stored products. When it comes to food or other sensitive items, these high-volume, low-speed warehouse fans go a long way in maintaining the optimum quality and lifespan of such inventory.

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Another important positive of installing warehouse fans such as industrial floor fans is that you can prevent moisture build-up. Moisture is one of your worst enemies in a warehouse. Not only can it damage your walls, floors, and ceiling, but it can get into your product inventory and destroy it. Moisture can also quickly lead to the development of mold and even cause slippery floors and surfaces. When air is not circulated it becomes stagnant and can make the facility warmer causing odors to linger. Industrial fans provide a consistent flow of air throughout your facility which helps to regulate temperature and humidity and prevent the occurrence of moisture, foul odors and potential build-up of fumes.

A final benefit to installing industrial warehouse fans is that it promotes a healthy work environment for your warehouse employees. It is extremely important to have good air quality inside a warehouse facility as it can play a significant factor in the productivity and behavior of employees. This is accomplished by providing a well-ventilated space where they can carry out their job responsibilities without exposure to high temperatures or stagnant air that may be filled with toxic or unpleasant fumes. By making sure your employees have comfortable and healthy working conditions will enhance efficiency and increase overall productivity.

As you can see, installing industrial warehouse fans in your facility can be a wise investment. At American Surplus, we promise premium quality and thoroughly inspected used industrial fans and air curtains that will stand the test of time at a fraction of the cost of new! For more information about the benefits of these fans or to discuss the right fans for your company, give the professionals at American Surplus Inc. a call today at (800) 876-3736 or request a quote online.

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