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Used Air Curtains

Air curtains are designed for year-round use, and, similar to high speed doors, they help control energy costs by keeping heated or cooled air inside. An air curtain creates a barrier of air at any entrance, reducing the amount of outside air coming in. Furthermore, air curtains efficiently block insects, dust, and debris, enhance safety, and streamline workflow. This offers full visibility and access through an entryway, while dividing unwanted elements, temperatures, and hazardous fumes. This will help to ensure employee comfort and helps to promote a clean working environment. ASI carries used Berner Star air curtains and other brands in a variety of sizes for less than half of the price of new. All our used air curtains are in great working condition and are inspected by our trained staff prior to shipment.

Berner IDC12 Series Gas Heated Air Curtain
Berner IDC12 Series Gas Heated Air Curtain
  • New Factory Surplus
  • In Original Packaging
  • Indirect Gas Heated
Used Berner STF1048E Electric Heat Air Curtain
Used Berner STF1048E Electric Heat Air Curtain
  • 48" x 14" x 13"
  • 3/4 HP
  • Three Phase Power Supply

Available Combo Deals

Air curtains are designed to separate two spaces from each other, usually at an exterior entrance. The most common set up for air curtains is a downward facing blower fan mounted over an opening, blowing air down and outward across the lower surface,  an air barrier. Air curtains can come with a heater to heat the air. Normally the opening is an entrance to a building or opening between two spaces conditioned at different temperatures. Air curtains work with the internal air flow to keep the insects, dirt, and dust outside and the cold or hot air inside.

Advantages of Air Curtains

  • Improve Safety
  • Control Temperature
  • Maximize Employee Comfort
  • Block Insects, Debris, and Dust
  • Maintain Effective Workflow


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