Used Tote Carts

tote cart

Used tote carts, also known as tote picking carts, order picking, stocking shelves, storing small parts or materials. Slide runners support totes to provide quick and easy access. The chrome handles make this used tote cart durable and corrosion resistant. Easy maneuverability is achieved with two rigid and two swivel casters. With better accuracy tote carts help to increase productivity and enhance organization. Carts will help to reduce worker fatigue, thus allowing workers to maintain a steady workflow. These heavy-duty carts vary in capacities but can withstand daily wear and tear. Optional accessories include a cover to protect against dust build-up. ASI has a variety of used tote carts available depending on your specific material handling needs.

Tote Cart with Spring-Loaded Folding Ladder
Tote Cart with Spring-Loaded Folding Ladder
  • Spring-loaded foldable ladder
  • Stores up to 10 totes
  • Makes transporting and unloading totes fast and easy
Used Steel Double Tote Dollies
Used Steel Double Tote Dollies
  • Ships Pre-Assembled
  • Ideal For Container Transportation
  • Great For Bin Storage
  • Ships Nationwide

Available Combo Deals

Plastic totes are cost-effective and reusable storage for carts at warehouses, storage, manufacturing, and packaging facilities. These totes are corrosion resistant and made for long lasting durability. They can easily be removed or replaced for whatever the reason may be. Tote carts are great for transporting and storing smaller items in an organized way. This makes it easier and more efficient to find inventory and items.

When using tote carts to pick orders you’ll immediately notice the improvement in collecting orders. Tote picking carts allow for multi order picking by keeping orders organized and separate. These are great for increasing productivity of workers at warehouses, while staying orderly to avoid confusion among multiple orders. Mobile tote carts significantly boost overall picking speed by up to 200%.

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